Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Stop The Presses


Do you see that? Yes! I am, indeed, pregnant again.  Do you remember this post?  We found out the day after this dream that we were adding on to the Giles family.  How prophetic.  If I’m not mistaken, Mikey dreamed about his mother before we found out we were expecting Micah as well.  I must also say that Uncle Monkey called me the same day that I posted about Mikey's dream, and told me that he thought that the dream meant that I was pregnant.

I have also decided that for this pregnancy I want to do something different.  I’m going to attempt pregnancy vlogs.  Basically, you get the same information that I type out, but in video form.

At 8 weeks gestation...

... I'm having some symptoms.  I am always eating.  I am always hungry, and eating keeps me from being nauseous.  As long as I have something in my stomach, I feel fine.  I am, of course, going to the restroom more often.  That may have something to do with all the water I'm trying to drink.  I had one episode of bleeding gums.  This is a lesser known symptom of pregnancy, but one that I had with Micah also.  I am also exhausted all the time.  I want to take naps, but I can't.  I'm usually sleepy when Micah is awake, and not sleepy when he takes his naps.  Our naps need to get on the same timetable. I have experienced some cramping and spotting, but the doctor was not concerned.  I am not doing anything that could cause strain on myself, and that's the only thing I can do to prevent the cramping and spotting for now.  I've also had some crazy dreams lately.  Last, but not least, I've had some nausea.  I have been eating several small meals a day, drinking ginger ale, and sucking peppermint to combat the nausea.  I am so grateful to a former coworker who let me know the secret of peppermint.  Basically if you're nauseous, eat a peppermint.  If you are going to vomit, the peppermint will cause you to do so, and if you're not, the peppermint will calm the nausea.

... I've had very few cravings.  In the past week, I craved hot dogs, salad, and pickles in the same night.  After eating them, I haven't craved them anymore.  I also want a burger that I can only get from home.  I wouldn't technically call this one a craving though.  These burgers are so good,  I just want one of them.  My aversions though, are weird.  I found out while eating a sandwich that I don't like the taste of miracle whip.  I actually ended up scraping it off my sandwich before I could finish eating.  I also strongly dislike the smell of Micah's clean diapers.  They have some type of fragrance in them, and it makes me nauseous every time I change his diaper.  The funny thing is the smell of a stinky diaper doesn't bother me nearly as much as a clean diaper.

... had my first doctor's appointment.  I got to see and hear the baby's heartbeat. The heartbeat was at 132.  Micah's heartbeat ranged from the 150's to the 160's.  I like the doctor that I've seen so far.  I have to cycle through all of the doctors in the practice, so hopefully, I'll like them all.

... weighed in at 117 pounds at the doctor's office, but according to my home scale, I weigh 115.6 pounds.  My waist is 28.5 inches around.  I kept up with my weight gain with Micah, but not my stomach's growth.  I ended up gaining roughly 25 pounds with Micah.

I have had a couple people ask me if this baby is planned.  Yes, he or she was planned.  The baby is just coming a little sooner than anticipated.  We were planning to wait until Micah's was closer to two years old before trying for another.  The way it is turning out, we will have two babies under the age of two for about two months.  Our plan got bumped up a little, but we are so happy with the way things are turning out. 


Saturday, February 11, 2012

Where Have You Been?

I know that I have been MIA for the past week or so.  It was not intentional.  It seems that every time that I sat down to update the blog, I became distracted or overwhelmed.  This past week has been busier than usual also. So what have we been up to?

Well we went ice skating with our church's youth group.  It was so much fun.  Quite a few others came along also.  Mikey skated, and took a fall.  Micah and I hung out on the sidelines.  Ice skating is harder than it looks.  You would think that if you know how to roller skate, you could transition to ice skating.  You would be wrong.  Even inline roller skating is not the same as ice skating. That little blade on the ice is hard to balance on, and even harder to control.  I completely understood when the kids decided that it would be in their best interest to transition to rollerblading instead of ice skating. 

The whole group.  Sorry it's out of focus.  Someone else had my camera, and the settings got changed.  The group split before I could fix it.

Sunday was the Super Bowl.  I really had no interest in the Super Bowl this year.  Usually, I can choose one team to cheer for, or both teams.  This year, I was really wishing there was a way that both teams could go home as losers.  Unfortunately that could not happen.  I did however, enjoy the food at the get together we attended, and the conversation.  I never thought that I would do the typical ladies in the kitchen talking, guys watching the game.  I just wasn't interested this year.  Maybe next year.

Monday through Wednesday, Micah and I hung out with my aunt and her family.  Micah got a lot of play time with the other children.  He seemed to enjoy it.  I'm happy he was so happy.  He'll be spending more time over there.  Tuesday, I had a job interview.  Thursday, I was notified that I was being offered a position.  Thursday, we stayed home, but Uncle Monkey and his family spent the night with us on their way to South Carolina.  Micah had so much fun playing with Pal. At one point, Pal was watching Hercules, and Micah sat down beside him after Pal invited him.  Of course, I tried to take a picture.  Micah wouldn't cooperate, and got up as soon as he saw me coming with the camera.  They were so cute sitting side by side watching Hercules.  Friday, though it was just Micah and I.  I think he enjoyed being back on his regular schedule. 

Micah has been clinging to me a little more than usual.  Most times, when he sees his dad, he forgets I exist.  But lately, he's been wanting me to hold him, and choosing to go with me instead of his dad.  A time or two, he's even cried to come downstairs with me when he had been upstairs with his dad.  I don't know what to think.  I always thought I would have to have a second child, to get one who preferred me to Mikey.  Now all of a sudden, Micah has flipped the script.  

This weekend has been spent inside avoiding the cold.  The temperature dropped down into the 40's and the wind has been blowing, which makes the cold so much worse.  I'm blaming Punxsutawney Phil for seeing his shadow.  {I fully understand that no matter what Phil sees, Spring officially starts roughly six weeks from Groundhog's Day.}

So there you have it.  A glimpse of our week.  Look out for another post tomorrow.