Meet the Giles

 Welcome to Growing Up Giles 

My name is Tasha. I am maintainer of this little piece of internet space. I am a thirty-something wife, mother, daughter, sister, and friend. I started dating a boy in July 2001. I married him in June 2009. He promised me 80 years, and I'm holding him to it. We welcomed our little man in November 2010, and our baby girl in September 2012.  I love reading, shopping, football, food, and music. Not necessarily in that order.

The guy with his arms around me is Mikey, my handsome and fun-loving husband.  He's a thirty-something electronics nut.  He took a chance on marrying a skinny-legged girl.  I like to think he's happy with that decision.  He doesn't complain too often or loudly.  He loves motorcycles, sports, food, music, and electronic gadgets.

Micah is our oldest child.  He came crashing into our lives in November of 2010. He's six years old, going on sixteen.  He has such personality.  He's into animals, playing ball, and electronics. 

Corrin is our youngest child, and our diva tomboy.  She took over all our lives in September of 2012.  She's five years old, and knows EXACTLY what she wants.  She's into whatever toy Micah has in his hand at the time, baby dolls, and "horsies." She loves taking pictures, and can usually be found with some object held up to her face saying "cheese."

This blog is about our growth from a married couple, to a family of three, and now to a family of four.  We have done some growing, and plan to continue to grow together.

Our Home

We purchased our first house in April 2011, and we are in the process of turning that house into our home.  We plan for this to be our forever home.  There's five bedrooms, four bathrooms, and a great room (kitchen and family room). There is also a dining room, and a formal living room that we are going to use as an office.  That's a lot to decorate, especially coming from a two bedroom apartment.  Let's hope we don't kill each other or divorce in the process. (Sadly, we've moved on from this home, and are in the process of figuring out our next move.)