Wednesday, January 21, 2015

State of the Giles Family 2015

Did you watch the State of the Union address?  I did not watch the live address.  The reason is ... The reason really doesn't matter. Anyway, all of that to the side, Google and YouTube have come to the rescue, and I was able to watch a recording of Obama's speech. The social media commentary was enlightening, but I thought I should check it out for myself.

Typically, I greatly dislike politics of any kind, and I tend to avoid watching anything politically driven.  I think I've said it before here, but I'll restate that politics make me anxious. I like to avoid anxiety when I can, and this is one area where I can and do avoid. Disclaimer aside, I have decided that I will provide a State of the Giles Family address to let you know how we've been doing since my little blog break, and our goals for the year.  So here goes:


Family, Friends, anyone who stumbles across this patch of internet space:

The Giles family is doing just fine. The past year has been trying at times, but mostly pretty awesome.  We celebrated birthdays, graduations, and five years of marriage.  We've played in the first snow of two little people's lifetime.  We've laughed and cried.  We've learned to crawl, then walk, then run, then jump, and finally climb. 

Corrin has grown by leaps and bounds.  It's hard to believe how tiny and fragile she was only a couple years ago.  Now she is running, jumping, and climbing.  She's sleeping through the night. She talks constantly, and is learning new words and expressions every day.  She has such a fun personality. The silliest things are hilarious to her.  She loves shoes and clothes. We're working on her sleeping in her own room. Right now she sleeps in the room with Micah. It does not look like it's going to be an easy transition.  We'll also work on potty training.  That should be another fun experience.

Micah continues to amaze me.  His vocabulary and ability to have a conversation have grown exponentially.  He's a funny little guy.  He's so caring, and always wants to be sure that everyone is happy. He started preschool!  I'm sure I was much more sad than he was.  He loves his classmates, and they love him.  Micah got his big boy room. It's still a work in progress, but we're making progress.  In 2015, Micah is working on learning all his letters, numbers, shapes, etc.  He should also be working on not jumping on the couch.  We'll see how that last one goes.

Mikey and I have mostly been taking it easy. I big chopped again, and cut off all my hair. Mikey decided to grow his hair and loc it up.  I went horseback riding for the first time. Like I said, 2014 was pretty laid back.  In 2015, we are going to work on being more present when we are with the kids and each other. I want to work on being more fit and healthy.  We plan to get fit as a family, starting with family bike rides using our Christmas gifts.  We also have a list of activities that we want to do together as a family. It's our family 2015 bucket list. I want to work on taking more and better quality pictures.

There are lots more goals, but ultimately, the Giles family goal for 2015 and beyond, is to make each day better than the last. Working together, and loving each other through thick and thin, I'm sure that the ultimate goal is easily within our reach.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Radio Silence

I find it extremely frustrating to be listening to the radio and suddenly find myself listen to dead air. Two seconds later I have either flipped the station or turned on my iPod. So imagine my surprise when I took a moment to visit the old blog, and realized that I had not posted anything since March 2014! I have reasons that I haven't been posting. I won't share them, because frankly, I'm sure you don't care. Moving forward he goal is to blog more consistently. Some things have changed, so hopefully, it will fit into my schedule better to blog again. Honestly, I miss blogging and sharing what it like to be growing up Giles.

So now the silence is over. Lots of things have changed. Things look different around the blog. The little Giles have grown. The big Giles have grown too. So I'll be working on keeping you up to date on what we Giles are up to, starting with an update on some of the things we got up to in 2014.