Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Micah's 1st Doctor's Visit

Prepared to go to the doctor.
Micah went to the doctor today for the very first time.  We waited over an hour after his appointment time to be called into the back.  There were a lot of cutie pies in the waiting room, and one little girl in particular made friends with anyone who looked her way, and a few who weren't looking.  She walked right up to me, and climbed into my lap.  Micah slept through the wait, and I am grateful for that.  There was also another little girl in the waiting room who reminded me of Camille.  She was all smiles, and babbling to herself and anyone who smiled in her direction.

Micah's doctor is very popular, and most of the waiting room was waiting to see him.  And the only reason we were called when we were is because several patients left before they were called.  Once we were in the back, the nurse weighed Micah and got his length and head circumference. The doctor, who is awesome, finally came in, and answered all my questions very succinctly.  He then checked Micah out, and pronounced him well.  Less than ten minutes after he came in, the doctor was on to the next patient.  Then we changed Micah's diaper, redressed him, and checked out.  Micah gained weight, almost a whole pound.  He is up to six pounds, ten ounces.  He also grew 3/4 of an inch.  Everything else is right on schedule.

I apologize that there are no pictures from the doctor's visit.  It was kind of hectic.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Tummy Time

We did a little bit of tummy time today.  Micah fussed a little when I first laid him on his belly, but then he started turning his head back and forth.  He seemed to enjoy the time on his tummy, so we will continue to put him on his tummy.

And one more picture after we flipped back over.

Two Weeks Old

Micah is two weeks old today.  This week he lost his umbilical cord stump.  I am so happy.  That means he can take real baths.  He hasn't yet, but he will soon.   We celebrated Thanksgiving with a very relaxing day at home.  The food was delicious.  We had lots of new visitors this week.  Micah also continues to dislike diaper changes and sponge baths.  I think it's just that he doesn't like to be cold.  He still sleeps very well, and he seems to be establishing his awake times.  He also still sleeps very well at night, and only wakes to eat.

In other news, my swelling has gone down dramatically, and is almost gone.  I am thankful for that.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Giving Thanks

I sat down several times over the last couple days to write a post about how thankful I am for the people and things that I have in my life.  And then tonight, I had a rough night.  I am still thankful, but I want to complain.  But a couple things that I have learned in my life are that no one wants to be around someone who is complaining, and it doesn't change anything to complain.  So for my originally intended post.

I am thankful for my small family.  My husband is such a wonderful man and father.  Of course we have our ups and downs, but the ups are so much higher than the the downs are low.  And Micah is the icing on the cake.  I am thankful for our extended family.  My mother and siblings are such a huge part of my life.  It is beyond me how people go for years without seeing or talking to their parents or siblings.  It hurts my heart that I have to wait until January to see my sister.

I am thankful for my health and the health of my family.  I am just thankful, though this Thanksgiving was not anything like a typical Thanksgiving for me.  First, there is the recent addition of Micah.  He and I stayed home for the day, and dinner was brought to us.  We didn't have very many guests, and the day was actually quite relaxing.

Now on to Christmas.  We will most likely venture out for Christmas.  I am looking forward to sharing the wonder of the Christmas season with Micah as he grows older.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Searching for Christmas Cards

So I previously blogged that Mikey and I decided to not do birth announcement, and just send out holiday cards with pictures of us as a family.  Since Micah was born in the middle of November, and Christmas is right around the corner, We decided that it would make more sense to send one card for both events than to send two cards and clog up peoples mailboxes with even more mail.

I started looking online, and found a great deal for bloggers HERE.  Fifty free holiday cards!  Sounds like a winner to me.  Now to choose the card I want to use.  Here are some that I like.  Now to decide which one.

Here are the cards that I am interested in:


I chose all of them because of the color scheme, and the fact that pictures can be added.  I like the message on Card 1, and the pattern around the border.   I like the snowflakes on Card 2, and that it allows me to add more than one picture.  That's more pictures of Micah, since I am notorious for not being able to make what should be a simple decision.  You know, like choosing one photo for a Christmas card.  I must admit, that the final card, Card 3, is the one that I think is my favorite.  Again, I love that it gives me space for even more photos.  Once again that's more pictures of Micah.  I also love the modern look of the card, and the color scheme.  It is probably the card that I will choose, but the others draw me also.

Now the only thing left to do is to decide on what to wear and take family pictures for the cards.  This should be fun.  Did I mention that Mikey and I love taking pictures.  I hope Micah does also, because he has a lifetime of cameras flashing in his face.

Shutterfly has all types of nice products.  Here are some links to other products on their website.  I am eyeing the calendars and canvases, myself.

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So get blogging to receive your own free cards.  Remember to check the promotion out HERE.


And in other news, Micah spent his first night in his crib.  Or at least he started out that way.  I must admit that it only lasted about two hours, before he moved into bed with me.  It was just easier that way. We did a little nursing, and got up at about 4:30 am for a bottle of expressed milk to give mommy a break.    Then we went back to sleep until 6:00 am, and finally got up for the day at 9:00 am.  Here's a picture of him in his crib.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Post of Pics

I figured that it was time to update the blog a little bit.  Check out the new header. And because I really don't have anything else to say, a post of pictures.

Previous Header

Current Header

Three Generations

All smiles!

He was supposed to be burping, and decided that a nap was a better idea.

Micah and his MiMi
Trip home from the hospital.

Still all smiles!

Still loving naps.

Micah and his younger uncle.
Mommy's Smurf

Still smiling!

Chilling in the boppy.

Okay, enough pictures.

Monday, November 22, 2010

One Week Old

One week old

Micah is officially one week old.  Last Monday at this time, I was still adjusting to the idea that I was actually a mother.   Today Micah slept a lot, and visited with my boss, who came to visit him.  During his first week, he had his first sponge bath, and his first bottle feeding by daddy.  Micah sleeps very well during the evenings and at night.  He actually sleeps for such long stretches that Mommy has to pump during his sleeps.  He likes sleep much more than food apparently.  Mommy however, is in survival mode when it comes to sleep,  and generally tries to sleep when he sleeps.

Micah likes to eat also.  We decided today that we would nurse during one feeding session, then switch and give him expressed milk from a bottle at the next session. That way he continues to be breastfed, but has experience with the bottle as well.  And that way I can be sure that he is getting enough to eat.  Also it works out since, I'll be returning to work, and he'll be having expressed milk only during the day.  It is becoming less painful for me to nurse.

I also noticed today that my swelling is going down.  I still have huge cankles and fluid in my lower back and hips, but it is better than it was a few days ago.  Now we are just looking forward to Thanksgiving.

Random Ramblings

I have such grand plans of blogging consistently even with a newborn to care for.  I hope I can keep it up, though this first week looks bleak.  Let's just say that I have been adjusting to being a new mom and recovering from a c-section.

I decided to give breastfeeding a try.  Micah took right to it, but given the fact that both his parents love to eat so much, that probably should have been expected.  We have had some trial and error, but we're making it.  I have found that I love the experience so far.  I think he's going through a growth spurt now.  It makes for some extreme nursing sessions.

Micah is so adorable.  He has all these little quirks that are so endearing.  He likes to stretch out his legs randomly.  That hasn't changed from before he was born.  He sucks his fist when he's ready to eat.  He greatly dislikes diaper changes and sponge baths.  His lungs work very well, and he lets you know loudly when he is unhappy with a given situation.  He smiles in his sleep, and I think he snores.  Sometimes he crosses his legs when he sleeps, and often his hand is resting by his head.

Technically, Micah is one week old right now, but I'll wait until he and I have had some sleep to take pictures, and post about it.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Weekly Photo Review

One of the things that I promised myself that I would do, is take pictures of my children every day throughout their first year of life.  Of course I plan to continue to take pictures of my children, but a concerted effort will go into the first year.  Here is the beginning of that project.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Micah's Birth Story

We showed up at the doctor's office at the appointed time to have the amnio done and the lung maturity test.  The amnio was an interesting experience.  First of all the ultrasound technician couldn't find a spot, because everywhere that she looked either did not have enough fluid, there was umbilical cord in the way, or both.  But finally the procedure was completed.  Then I was placed on the monitors to be sure that the amnio did not cause me to go into labor.  After about an hour of that, my doctor told me I could go.  However, as I was leaving, the nurse stopped me, and told me to wait because the results should be coming at any moment.  I waited in the lobby area, and was called back in short order.  The results indicated that Micah's lungs were mature.

We headed down to the maternity center.  I got checked in, and waited.  The nurse attempted to place my IV, but could not.  So they called in the anesthesiologist assistant to do it.  He finally found the one spot that he felt comfortable, and numbed it.  I didn't even know he was done until he told me.  He left, promising to return to place the catheter for my epidural.

After I had a short nap, mostly from complete and utter boredom, he returned and placed the catheter.  That is some amazing stuff.  Shortly thereafter, the doctor informed the staff that she was ready to deliver my baby, and we were off to the operating room.

Once we were there, things moved quickly.  I was wheeled in, the nurses set up the canopy around me, Mikey was called in, and the doctor came in.  Mikey and I held a conversation, mostly about how awesome it was that we would be parents in mere minutes.  Then, the nurse was telling Mikey to stand up and take pictures.  A minute or two later, and the doctor came around the curtain with Micah in her hands.  He was handed off to the nurses to clean him up and check him out.  Then Mikey brought him to me for me to see him up close.  After that Mikey and Micah went off to the nursery, and the doctor closed me up.  I headed to recovery.

An hour and a half after I had left to begin the procedure, I was back in my room.  Shortly after that, my baby boy was in my arms.

Monday, November 15, 2010

He's Here!

Micah Tremaine
Who is like God?

November 15, 2010
1:16 pm
5 pounds, 14 ounces
19 inches
Birth story coming soon.