Wednesday, June 27, 2012

3 Down, 77 To Go

** Catching Up **

Mikey and I are celebrating three years of marriage today.  I couldn't even imagine eleven years ago {Yes, that's right.  Eleven years.} when we started dating that we would be here today.  We've had our share of ups and downs, but no matter how low we go, I always know that he is my best friend.



Typical Mikey






{Pictures from engagement photoshoot in 2009}

Monday, June 25, 2012


** Catching Up **

After much debate concerning exactly what we were going to name this little girl, Mikey and I finally came to a decision. Then we immediately fell directly into another debate.  How in the world are we going to spell the chosen name?  The options were Corinne {my choice} and Corrin {Mikey's choice}.  I wanted to go with the more traditional spelling, while Mikey wanted to avoid confusion regarding the pronunciation of her name.  The intended pronunciation is "Co-rin."  We are trying to avoid her being called "Co-reen," and having to correct people.  

I'm almost certain that no matter what, there will be people who will mispronounce her name.  My name is Latasha, and I am called Latisha all the time by people who look at the spelling and attempt to pronounce my name.  I don't understand where they get the "i" sound from, but they manage to find it between reading my name and pronouncing it.  Worse yet, is the people who hear me pronounce my name, then  still call me Latisha.

So the final decision came, when I finally just gave in.  We have been at a stalemate for weeks, and I am just tired of not being able to write/type my baby's name.  I fell in line with the rationalization that because I won the debate concerning the order of her name, Mikey could win the debate concerning the spelling. {I would like to point out however, that as I type this, spell check recognizes my spelling as correct, and Mikey's as a mistake.


Corrin Zarya

Corrin: Maiden
Zarya: Goddess of beauty or Rose

Sunday, June 24, 2012

27 Weeks Update

At 27 weeks gestation...

... we have finally reached the third trimester!  One more milestone down.  Now let the countdown to September begin.

... I looked down this morning, and realized that I can't see my feet.  With Micah, I didn't come to this realization until around 32 weeks.  I don't know if she will be bigger than Micah at birth, but my belly certainly is bigger this pregnancy.


...  all the energy that I thought I had is gone.  At my doctor's appointment, my blood test showed that my iron levels were low.  I am now taking an iron supplement {and stool softener} to help boost my iron levels, and hopefully give me more energy.  This past week I have been feeling very drained.

... my doctor's appointment went well, minus the whole iron deficiency thing.  I passed my glucose test, which is what I was worried about going into the appointment.  I also got the results from my blood test from my previous appointment.  I do not have cholestasis. The best we can figure is that I had an allergic reaction to some unknown substance.  We talked about a few other things, and then the appointment was over.

... sleep is not the best, which sucks because with the low iron levels, I could really use all the rest I can get right now.  I have to get up to use the restroom.  I wake up because my back starts hurting.  Sometimes I just can sleep, and sit up for an hour or two before I can finally fall back asleep.  My alarm clock sounds way too early every morning.  To make matters worse, on the weekends, when I could sleep in, I am awake at 7:30 am at the latest. 

...  I have Braxton Hicks contractions.  It's been ongoing for a few weeks now.  I'm just remembering to mention them on the blog.  I usually get them when I have to use the restroom.  Sometimes they are random.  When I get them, my stomach tightens all over and I have shortness of breath.  I've only had one or two that hurt.  My doctor is not concerned.

... I was sick at work.  Dizziness and vomiting are not things you want to experience in the work environment.

...  I have this reoccurring pain in my neck.  Maybe it's from sleeping uncomfortably.  Maybe it's from tension.  I don't know, but I have figured out that applying heat and taking pain killers gets rid of the ache for a few days.




Saturday, June 23, 2012

Riding The School Bus

Micah has recently started riding his toys.  I finally was able to capture it on video.  Here you go for your enjoyment.  I'm also working on several posts for this week.  I'm really trying to be more active with the blog.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

26 Weeks Update

At 26 weeks gestation...

... I have more energy.  I really thought I was going to go through this entire pregnancy as a run down, tired, haggard looking something.  Just a couple weeks shy of the third trimester, my body decides to allow me some energy.  I am so grateful.  At least I am having this time, because the third trimester is fast approaching, and with it, I'm sure I'll be tired again.

... I have a doctor's appointment this week. I wasn't supposed to be going back for another appointment until 28 weeks.  My doctor decided it would be a better idea to split up that appointment, because I would have had my glucose test, my Rhogam shot, and my first biophysical exam all at the 28 week appointment.  That's a bit much.

...  I'm still having swelling.  It's not horribly bad.  It just makes walking around a little uncomfortable by the end of the day.  

...  the real pain in the neck is the pain in my back.  No matter how I situate myself, my back hurts.  About the only thing that eases the pain is to apply heat to the muscles.  By the end of the day, all I want to do is lay down, and rest my poor aching body.  I think I'm going to have to find a support belt for my back.

...  my sleep is pretty good.  Of course, I have to get up during the night to use the restroom, but other than that, I sleep pretty well.  The only other thing that wakes me up during the night is back aches because my belly is pulling on my back muscles.

... you can see Baby Girl moving around from the outside.  I have no idea what she's doing in there, but she looks like she's practicing to be an acrobat or contortionist.

... I weigh in at 123 pounds, and my belly measures 34.25 inches around.




25 weeks, 5 days with Micah

Happy Da's Day

Micah calls Mikey, Da.  So here's to you on your day Da.  We love you more than words can say.  You are such a great father to Micah.  I can't wait to see you as the father of a little girl.





Happy Father's Day to all the other wonderful fathers in our lives as well.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

A Day In Our Lives

I've seen lots of bloggers who document a day in their lives with pictures/Instagrams.  I decided to join to bandwagon.  So from the time I woke up this morning until 12 hours later, I took a picture every hour (minus the two hours that I napped), and posted it to Instagram.  Here's our day via Instagrams.

1. I woke at 8:45 am for the day.  Micah was already awake in his crib, so I changed his diaper, and we lounged in my bed for a while.  He's finishing his morning cup.
2. An hour later (9:45 am), we're still lounging.  Here's my clown with my robe draped over his head like a turban.
3.  By 10:45 am, we had gotten up, gotten dressed, and headed out for the morning.  A quick run to Wal-Mart and the bank.
4.  11:45 am. Micah playing ball. This is shortly before he and I took naps.
5. 2:45 pm.  I am awake from my nap, though Micah's continues. During our naps, Mikey has fired up the grill.  He grilled corn, hot dogs, sausages, and chicken wings. Delicious!
6.  3:45 pm.  Mikey took a nap after working so hard over the grill. 
7.  4:45 pm. Micah's nap has come to an end.  Here he is enjoying a post nap cup.
8.  5:45 pm.  I washed and conditioned my hair.
9. 6:45 pm. Micah ate dinner, and enjoyed yet another cup.
10.  7:45 pm.  Play time with Daddy.  Micah is riding his dad's legs like he's a horse.  
11.  8:45 pm.  Returning home from our daily walk. 

Today was a very relaxing day.  We didn't do much of anything, but we enjoyed our day nonetheless.  What are your days like?

Friday, June 15, 2012

Micah @ 19 Months

Micah is growing up so fast.  Some days I look at him and see my sweet little chubby faced baby.  Other days, I see this little boy who is fast taking his place.  It's really bittersweet.  A part of me wants that baby to stick around for a long time more.  A part of me is looking forward to the adventures that little boy is going to take me on with him.  At 19 months old, Micah...

... is talking up a storm.  It seems he learns new words everyday.  His list of words has grown in the past month.  Of course, I haven't kept up with the new words, but he has added some.

...  knows how to roll his eyes.  The first time he did it, my mom and I thought he was sleepy or there was something wrong with his eyes.  Nothing wrong with his eyes, though he was sleepy.  He just knows how to roll his eyes.  He learns all sorts of things at daycare.  This particular skill, we think came from his cousin.  I'm trying to catch him rolling them on video, because it is honestly one of the funniest things you've ever seen.

...  loves music, and will dance at the drop of a hat.  He doesn't even need music.  Sometimes he'll just randomly burst out and start dancing.  He really is a clown.

...  is becoming very independent.  He always liked to feed himself. Now he wants to attempt to do everything himself.  He's trying to dress and undress himself.  He has to brush his own teeth.  He doesn't care for riding in the shopping cart, and would much prefer walking.  He snaps the chest piece for his car seat himself.  Everything must be done himself.  I will admit, he's pretty good at asking for help if he realizes that he can't do something, but he has to try it for himself first.

... still has not started potty training.  We haven't even opened the potty yet.  He probably would do a good job.  He seems pretty interested in the box the potty is in, but his parents are lazy.  Like I said, we haven't even opened the box yet.  We're going to work on it.  Eventually.

...  is getting a big boy room.  We've decided to turn the second guest room into Micah's big boy room.  Nothing has changed in that room yet, but I have lots of ideas floating around in my head. I'll share the ideas soon.  More than likely, he'll stay in his current room until Baby Girl is born, and then we'll start transitioning him into the new room.  She will be sleeping in the nook in our room for the first few months, and we'll use that time to transition.  I don't want to rush him into his big boy room by moving him too early, but I also don't want him to think he's being put out of his room for the new baby either, because we wait until the baby is here to move him.  Parenting is such a balancing act.

Micah is nearing two years old every day.  I hope we're ready for what's in store for us.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

25 Weeks Update

At 25 weeks {and 3 days} gestation...

... I'm feeling lots of movement and kicking. Baby Girl is always kicking, rolling, and moving around, it seems.  She also likes to curl up in one position just behind my navel for naps.  That's not at all comfortable, but I'll survive.

... my sleep is getting better.  Of course, some nights are better than others, but at least I'm able to get some restful sleep on occasion.  It may just be that my body has reached it's limit, and decided that no matter what, it's going to get some rest.  I don't know, but I appreciate it.

...  my feet swell.  Today, as we were nearly home, I realized that one leg was slightly swollen and the other was not.  I go back to the doctor next week for the dreaded glucose test.  I'll talk to whichever doctor I see then.


...  I seem to have more energy.  I've noticed for a while now, that I have more energy on week days when I have to be up and moving around to go to work, than I do on the weekend, when I have the luxury of lazing around all day.  Well now, I find that I have more energy in general.  It's kind of nice.

...  I'm still taking my {almost} daily walks.  I try to get out daily, but sometimes the weather doesn't cooperate.  And sometimes, I'm just too lazy to put in the effort to walk.  I'm trying to do better, and Mikey is always on hand to remind me.  {The bump pictures were taking after my walk today.}

... I think Baby Girl likes her brother.  Either that or she wants him to be quiet.  She gets really active when he's being really loud.  It's funny to know that she's reacting to him already.  Speaking of the big brother, he's really interested in my belly.  He realizes that it's growing.  Sometimes he will lift my shirt and kiss my belly with no prompting from me.  As a matter of fact, if I try to get him to repeat the kiss, he refuses.  He also like to rub my belly, and will walk up to me and lift my shirt so that he can reach my bare skin.  He, however, refuses to say baby or call her name.




Micah's Happening

It's been a while since I've shown you guys what Micah's been up to.  So here you have it, once again, Micah's happenings.

He's walking around in any shoes he finds.

Making funny faces for the camera.

Dressing and undressing himself.  Here, he's put his pants on backward.

Somehow, he learned to say "Cheese" for the camera.  I did not teach him this.

He also is learning to work the computer. Not really, but he certainly looks like he does.

He's starting to want his picture taken.

Photobombing his dad.

Sleeping in our bed, even though he has his own.

Driving lessons.  He loves to be under the steering wheel if we're sitting in the car waiting.

Again with sleeping in our bed.  This time hogging the bed.

Hanging out in our room before bed.

A different perspective.

Be on the look out for my 25 week {and 3 days} update later tonight.  I'm working on it right now.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Summer Fun 2012

Here we are once again entering the summer season.  It's already getting hot, and school is out.  While I won't get to spend everyday with Micah the way I would have if I was still working in the school system, we do have plans for enjoying our summer.  So here you go, our list of planned summer activities, in no particular order...
  • Go the the Georgia Aquarium
  • Go to Zoo Atlanta
  • Take swimming lessons
  • Go to the drive-in movies
  • Blow bubbles
  • Go to the beach
  • Eat Icee Pops
  • Go on a picnic
  • Play putt putt golf

Maybe this summer we will get to do more than we did last summer.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

24 Weeks Pregnancy Vlog

At 24 weeks gestation...

... we have reached the point of viability.  At this point, Baby Girl has roughly a 50% chance of survival if she is born.  Of course, the longer she stays put, the better her chances of survival become.  

... this week has been marked by several issues for me.  I've been exhausted.  Mostly, because the end of the month is very busy at work, and I haven't been able to sleep well.  Sometimes I haven't been able to sleep at all.  My sleep is usually restless when I do sleep.  I wake up several times during the night.  I also have some crazy dreams that wake me up.  I just wish I could sleep better during the night, especially since I can't take naps during the day.

...  in other news, I've developed a severe itch.   It started sometime during the week with just my legs {from the knees and down} itching.  Friday night after I had gone to bed my entire body started itching: arms, legs, belly, back, underarms, throat, chin, face, and even my ears.  It's the worst at my joints.  Speaking of joints, they are warmer than the rest of my body.  At first, it was just the itchiness, but now I've also developed hives. The hives come and go.  They are usually on the inside of the joints that itch the worse at that moment.  I've been scratching, taking extra showers and bathes, applying lotion to my body repeatedly, and I finally broke down and tried Benadryl.  Nothing works very well, or for very long.  I itch so badly sometimes that it feels like my skin is burning.  I have found that if I'm distracted by something else that I'm doing, I can sometimes ignore the itchiness.  It doesn't go away, but I can ignore it.  I will be asking the doctor about this at my next appointment, which is coming up on Tuesday.


... I nearly fainted yesterday.  I was so close that my vision had shrunk to blackness.  It's really my own fault.  I waited too long to eat, because I was so busy cleaning and getting ready for a bridal shower that was held at my home for one of my church member's.  I ended up disappearing into a bedroom, where I slept through a good portion of the shower.  I feel horrible that I missed most of the shower, but I would have felt so much worse if I had fainted.  That probably would have ended the whole event.  I also wasn't the hostess.  I only provided the venue.

...  we're feeling lots of movement from Baby Girl.  She gives me some big kicks and somersaults.  She has also started balling herself up in one spot for naps.  That of course is not comfortable for me.  I told someone that it feels like bones rubbing my muscles from the inside.  

... still in nesting mode.  I really wish I could win the lottery, so that I could actually make the changes that I want to make in my home.

...  we've started walking daily.  I'm trying to build some stamina as I go through the pregnancy.  Being pregnant is tiring enough when you are in shape.  It's even more so when you're out of shape.

...  we really have given Baby Girl a name.  It took some back and forth debating between Mikey and I, but she does have a name.  The debate now is the spelling of her name.  Watch the video to hear the pronunciation. 



Saturday, June 2, 2012

Happy Birthday!

Very special birthday wishes go out to my grandmother, and Micah's grand-meemaw.  She's turning 35 again.  She's a diva, and she knows it.  Love you bunches.