Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Dear Mama {An Open Letter}

Dear Mama,

While I know that I was {still am} your most well behaved child, I want to take the opportunity to issue some apologies and thank yous.  I know these are probably long overdue.  Especially after you got to experience first hand some of what I deal with on a daily basis last week with the little boy.

I apologize...

... for drawing my masterpiece on granddaddy's dining room table with permanent marker.  Cleaning drawings off surfaces that are not supposed to be drawn on is for the birds.

... any back talk or thoughts of back talk that may have occurred.  I think I was too afraid to actually talk back, but I'm sure I thought about what I would say if I was bold enough.  He's not even two years old yet, and already Micah has something to say when reprimanded.  We're working on correcting this behavior.

... for all the messes I made and left for you to clean up.  Or all the times, I helped clean up, and you ended up having to clean up behind me.  

... for that time we sung the Barney song.  Purple wouldn't have looked that bad on you.  Just maybe not a whole dress in purple.  Maybe try just a top.

... for all the times we made others feel you were abusing us because we screamed like we were dying just because we had to go home.  Home wasn't so bad.  It just wasn't as good as grandma's house. :D

... for all the things I masterminded, and talked Uncle Monkey into participating in with me.   I'm sure you know he didn't come up with some of those things on his own. {Remember the time he tried to drank a gallon of water? I don't think that was my idea, but I sure did my share of encouraging him to try it.}

Thank you...

... for allowing me to talk as much as I wanted.  I now understand how you could hold a conversation with me, and never remember anything about it later.  Micah doesn't even have a full vocabulary yet, but I'm getting good practice.

... for teaching manners.  Too many people feel entitled to say whatever they want, just because they feel like it.

... for always being our one consistent and making us feel safe, even when our world was turning upside down.

... for being a shining example of what a mother should be.

Love you

Sunday, July 29, 2012

32 Week Update

At 32 weeks gestation...

... I have been so exhausted.  I can't sleep comfortably.  I have constant back pain, and lately leg cramps.  I am away from home at least 12 hours every day except Tuesdays for work.  Tuesdays, I have my weekly doctor appointments, so I get to go home and rest. When I do get home, I am playing with Micah, cleaning, and or finding something to eat.

... I have been wrestling with indigestion too.  I had several days of almost constant indigestion.  It feels like my food is sitting like a rock in my throat.  

... I've been under some stress this past week.  Any given thing that's stressing me wouldn't bother me as much if it was the only thing stressing me.  The problem is the combination of stressors.

... my body has developed a disturbing reaction to the constant pain.  Whenever the pain spikes, I start to feel overheated and nearly faint.  I try to avoid being a situations where the pain will spike, by working to maintain some control over the pain with a combination of medication, back support, and heat.  None of these things get rid of the pain completely, but they do help ease the pain.

... my doctor has told me to try Tylenol PM to help deal with the insomnia.  I haven't made it to the store to get any yet, but I think I'm headed there soon.

... I've been an emotional mess.  I despise women who use the excuse of pregnancy to be raging beasts.  I felt like a raging beast this week.  I have experienced the gamut of negative emotions.  I have gone into rages over the simplest of things.  I have fallen into tears at the slightest of insults.  I have found myself irrationally afraid of things that are nowhere near likely to occur.  The worst part of it is I was aware that my emotions were blown completely out of proportion, but there was nothing that I could do to stop myself.

... TMI >>  I have had diarrhea this week. Nothing that I want to think about.  <<  Highlight to read.

... the braxton hicks are coming more frequently.  I've also had some cramping this week.  The doctor told me that it's normal at this stage to have cramping.  It's likely my body preparing for labor.

... I was still unable to schedule my cesarean section at my latest appointment. The doctors' schedule hasn't been finalized yet.  Corrin however, passed her biophysical profile with 8 of 8.

... Corrin has been having the hiccups.  

... weighed in at 129.2 pounds, and measured 36 inches around.




Baby Girl Exercising {Video}

Corrin has been particularly active for the last few days.  Here she is really stretching out.  It was a little weird seeing her moving around like this.  Mostly because, I've been getting a few kicks, but nothing like this before now.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Flirting with Thirty

Growing up, one of my grandmothers was 35 for several years in a row.  She had spent a few years being 29 also.  She's my sassy grandma who is most definitely a diva.  I think it's because of her that I don't fear aging.  Most days I still feel like a kid playing house anyway.  So here I am, flirting with thirty, and loving it.   Who knows?  Maybe I'll get depressed about growing older when I turn 35, or maybe when I turn 40?  It could also be a random age like 37 or 31 and a half.   Not sure how that works?

So here I am beginning my thirtieth year on earth.  While I don't have any concrete plans, I do know that I want to enjoy this year. I plan to try new things.  That's one reason why I created a 30 before 30 list.  I'm sure I won't accomplish everything on the list, but I'm going to try to get as much done as I can.   Life's been a ride so far, but one that I plan to enjoy to the fullest.

And for your viewing pleasure...









Friday, July 27, 2012

Getting Ready For Baby

There is always so much to do {or so much you want to do} to prepare for a new little person joining your family.  It dawned on me recently that I haven't really done much to prepare for Corrin's imminent arrival.  Then, of course, I made a list of things that I would like to have done before she gets here, or soon after.  Here's our list.

  • Purchase a coming home outfit
  • Pack hospital bag
  • Borrow/Purchase a bassinet
  • Exchange diapers
  • Install Carseat
  • Wash and put away baby clothes
  • Find out price of childcare for two babies
  • Prepare Micah's big boy room
  • Prepare nursery

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Birthday Week {Day Five}

In celebration of my birthday on Saturday, I have decided to treat myself to one thing everyday for the entire week.

I've dropped the ball again today.  I just didn't feel like going anywhere after work.  Not even to buy something for myself.  I've pretty much just longed around since I've been home from work.  Another day to make up to myself.  The good thing is, I know what I want for myself. The problem is actually going to get these things.  Next year, I think I'll buy everything that I want, wrap them, and then open them randomly each day of the week.  Next year, I also won't be a large, tired, achy, pregnant woman.  Tomorrow will be better.

Missing Micah

Micah is spending a week in Florida with his Mimi at our church's annual camp meeting.  My mom has been really good about sending pictures of him and Angelo, but I miss him so much. The house is too quiet.

Trying on his cousin Pal's shoes.

Sleeping back to back

Cousin Cuddles



Enjoying a lollipop!



Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Birthday Week {Day Four}

In celebration of my birthday on Saturday, I have decided to treat myself to one thing everyday for the entire week.

Today didn't quite work out.  I woke up with a headache, and the day only got worse from there.  I'll have to make it up to myself.  Here's hoping tomorrow is a better day.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Birthday Week {Day Three}

In celebration of my birthday on Saturday, I have decided to treat myself to one thing everyday for the entire week.

Today, I've decided to treat myself to some more rest.  My doctor's appointments are on Tuesdays.  Today, I stopped at Target, but started feeling bad before I found anything for me, so I came home.  I then crashed on the couch.  It was awesome to get some rest.  There were a couple interruptions, but I was able to go right back to sleep.  It's amazing how much better a couple hours of sleep have made me feel.  I need this everyday.

I also got a package in the mail today.  Our first baby shower gift.  I opened it, having no idea what it was.  I'll save pictures for the actual shower.

I went out later, and explored the farmer's market.  I got myself some toffee peanuts, and fruit too. 

Monday, July 23, 2012

Birthday Week {Day Two}

In celebration of my birthday on Saturday, I have decided to treat myself to one thing everyday for the entire week.

Today, I've decided to treat myself to rest. I laid on the couch after work, and didn't move until it was time to go to bed, with the exception of getting something to eat and potty breaks.  It was nice.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Birthday Week {Day One}

Saturday I will enter my thirtieth year of life.  That means in one week, I will be one year older.  In celebration, I have decided to treat myself to one thing everyday for the entire week.  Today, I chose to get a manicure and pedicure.  I've been telling myself that I need a manicure and pedicure for a few weeks now.  What better way to kick off my birthday week than to stop talking about it and actually go and get pampered a little.  I even chose a color that I typically wouldn't go with for my feet.  Blue!

When I got home, I decided to play with my camera a little, and took a few DIY maternity shots.  {In case you couldn't tell, I'm loving the tripod and remote that I bought myself for Mother's Day.}  You can see my nails in some of the shots, though not particularly well.  Of course, I didn't take a picture of my nails.  I may remedy that, and update this post later.  So here you go, the shots that I got, and liked at least a little bit.









31 Weeks Update

At 31 weeks gestation...

... one of my biggest concerns right now is trying to get comfortable.  No matter what position I am in, I somehow am not comfortable.  It doesn't matter if I am sitting, standing, or laying down.  Eventually, something starts to hurt.  Usually it's my back.  If it's not my back {and sometimes if it is}, I have to deal with the swelling also.  This pregnancy has been much more difficult than Micah's in so many ways.  It's also been better in other ways.  The pain and uncomfortableness {is that a word? It is now.} are much worse than I remember with Micah.  However, Corrin appears to enjoy being inside, and is making no effort to escape early.  I appreciate that.  In case you don't remember, Micah tried to jail break as early as 31 weeks.  Hopefully Baby Girl is more cooperative, and waits until the doctor comes in to get her.

... this week was stressful for me.  There was not one thing in particular that I can pinpoint.  I think it is a combination of lack of sleep, the long commute to and from work on top of the work hours, maintaining the house, and keeping up with Micah.  Friday afternoon, I just wanted to get home, get in bed, and not come out until I felt better.

... I thought I had found the solution to my insomnia.  I noticed that on the nights that I stayed up later than I normally do, I would sleep through the night, mostly.  There were still trips to the restroom, but I was actually able to fall asleep quickly and easily anytime I got up.  I thought maybe I had found a way to be able to get some sleep.  I was wrong.  The next night I tried staying up later, and it backfired on me.  Not only was I unable to fall asleep, but I woke up every hour or two the entire night.  I was miserable the next day.  I don't know what I'm going to do, other than wait for Corrin to be born and decide she's ready to sleep through the night.

... I almost set a date for the cesarean at my last doctor's appointment.  Unfortunately, I wasn't able to because the September schedule has not been established yet.  I should definitely be able to schedule at the next appointment on Tuesday.  Other than that, Corrin passed with 8/8 again.  I told you she likes being in there.

... weighed in at 128.4 pounds, and measured 35.5 inches around.




New Look

In case you haven't noticed, the ole blog has gotten a new look.  It will change again when Corrin arrives, but for now I was growing bored with the last look.  I had originally intended to maintain the same look throughout the entire year.  What can I say?  I need change sometimes.

So the blog went from this header...

to this header...

The background changed also.  It went from a very soft lavender to white.  When Corrin is here, I plan to add her picture to the banner at the bottom of the blog.  I will also probably add a family picture to the header as well.

Now tell me.  What do you think of the new look?

Saturday, July 21, 2012

My Apologies...

It seems that every time that I say I am going to blog more consistently, I do the opposite.  Almost a month later, and I'm finally updating the blog.  {It's been since June 24.}  I've made up my mind, that I'm going to let my actions speak for me when it comes to blogging.  No more declarations of more blogging.  I must make the point, though, that the majority of the posts that I am catching up with were already written.  I only had to upload pictures or videos.  I don't know if that makes it better or worse.  So here you go, an up to date blog {for the most part}.  I am still working on the pregnancy updates.


Micah and Angelo are both clowns.  Together they are a real comedy show.  Here they are this morning. We convened in Mimi's room for some lounging around.  Angelo decided that he needed to have Micah's cup.  I love the way Micah is looking at Angelo in these first few pictures.





After breakfast, Mikey and I gave both the boys baths and got them dressed.  It was practice for when Corrin is here, and we have to wrestle with two little people.  It was also an eye-opening experience, though I think we did well.  Mikey gave baths, and I diapered, lotioned, and dressed.  I think our system worked out pretty well.  Then I took a few pictures of them.  Mostly, I took pictures of Angelo, because he would stay in one spot.  Micah wasn't interested in sharing his chair or taking pictures.








Friday, July 20, 2012

Micah Driving {Video}

Here's a video of Micah driving his cousin's toy four wheeler. 

Sunday, July 15, 2012

30 Weeks Update

** Catching Up **

At 30 weeks gestation...

... my biophysical went well once again. We passed, with a score of 8 out of 8.  We're also supposed to schedule our cesarean at our next appointment.

... the insomnia, back pain, and swelling continue.

... indigestion has been added to the list of symptoms that I am experiencing.  It is not a pleasant experience.  At least it's not heartburn. {knock on wood.}

... I had a night of leg cramps.  I would be sleeping {a miracle in and of itself} and suddenly my leg muscles would begin to cramp.  Let me tell you, that is a horrible way to wake up.  I am going to buy some bananas as soon as I can make it to the grocery store.

...  the other symptom that I have been having is some very dull cramping.  I think it was my body's way of warning me to take it easy.  The cramping came after a very busy day. I'm not all that concerned.  Especially since they haven't come back since that day.

... cervix kicks!  Corrin has given me a couple good kicks down there.  Not fun!