Friday, January 4, 2013

Corrin {Four Months}


At four months old, Corrin... a chunk. She goes for her 4 month well baby check-up in a couple weeks.  I'll update then.

...  is still breastfeeding.  Unfortunately, she is also getting formula.  She usually needs more milk than I am able to pump in a day.  I wish that I could produce enough milk for her, but it looks like we will be moving completely to formula sooner than I would like.  We will not, however, be giving her jar food yet.  We've decided to wait until closer to six months. 

... wears size 2 diapers, and 3-6 months or 6 months clothes.


... is having a rough time with her eczema.  The cold weather is not helping the situation either.  Micah outgrew his.  We are hopeful that Corrin will as well.

... still pulls her hair.  It has thinned considerably in the back from her tugging on it.  

... has got to be teething.  She is drooling all over everything.  She also chews on her fingers.  I get a little tickled when she chomps down too hard on them.  She always gets so upset, and looks at us as if we bit her.


... sleeps well.  She takes great naps, and just about sleeps through the night.  The only problem that I have, is that she usually wants to sleep tucked in close to me.  She sleeps well, but I don't.  Beginning sometime this month, we are going to work to transition her to the mini-crib that we have set up for her in our room.  The plan is still for her to continue to sleep in our room until she is at least six months old.

... loves baths.  Sometimes she can be fussing, and when we put her in the bath, she calms down.

... smiles, coos, and laughs in response to us. 


... has a deep laugh.  I told her that she chuckles instead of giggling.  

... loves tummy time.  Most of the time when we put her on her tummy, she ends up falling asleep.  She's so content that we leave her to entertain herself.  Eventually she just nods off.

... holds her head and upper body off the floor when she lays on her belly.  


... sometimes tries to reach for objects that are close to her.  She tries to get the characters off the page when we read to her.  She's not very coordinated, but she's trying.

... stands on her legs.  

...  attempts to sit up if she is propped on pillows or in your arms.  She wants to sit up like a big girl, even though she cannot control her body well enough to sit unsupported.


... is called, Rin, Rinny, Fat Girl, and Sissy.


And for comparison, here's Micah at four months old.

Check out his stats HERE

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