Thursday, April 4, 2013

Corrin {Seven Months Old}

At seven months old, Corrin...

... wears size 2 diapers, and 6-9 months or 6 months clothes.

... is now only breastfed at night.  We are trying to wean her to formula, but both she and I enjoy the closeness of breastfeeding.  Really, I don't think that I am completely ready to be done, as the plan is that this will be the last baby that I will breastfeed.

 photo Corrin07Months001.jpg
 photo Corrin07Months002.jpg 

... is still fighting with eczema.  Her skin cleared up for a while after we switched her formula, but it is getting bad again.  

... celebrated her first Easter. She was so cute in her seersucker dress.

... is rolling over to get where she wants to go.  I still haven't figured out how she moves so fast, and goes so far. 

 photo Corrin07Months003.jpg
 photo Corrin07Months004.jpg

... loves any toy that Micah has.  She has gotten really good at manipulating objects with her hands too.  She is switching them back and forth between hands.  Of course, everything goes into her mouth to be tasted.

... is called Rin, Rinny, and Sissy.

 photo Corrin07Months005.jpg

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