Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Radio Silence

I find it extremely frustrating to be listening to the radio and suddenly find myself listen to dead air. Two seconds later I have either flipped the station or turned on my iPod. So imagine my surprise when I took a moment to visit the old blog, and realized that I had not posted anything since March 2014! I have reasons that I haven't been posting. I won't share them, because frankly, I'm sure you don't care. Moving forward he goal is to blog more consistently. Some things have changed, so hopefully, it will fit into my schedule better to blog again. Honestly, I miss blogging and sharing what it like to be growing up Giles.

So now the silence is over. Lots of things have changed. Things look different around the blog. The little Giles have grown. The big Giles have grown too. So I'll be working on keeping you up to date on what we Giles are up to, starting with an update on some of the things we got up to in 2014.

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