Friday, March 26, 2010



I am positive.  Or at least that is what the little stick told me last night.  And I cried.  Just a little though.  Then I laughed, and the ideas started flowing.  It was like free falling.  All the things that Mikey and I have to look forward to.  Later, as I drifted off to sleep in Mikey's arms, an inkling of something that felt suspiciously like fear.  What are we going to do with a child?  I'm praying we don't mess this kid up.

So now, in the light of day, we plan.  We get to choose names and make decisions.  I'll design a nursery, and we'll pick clothes.  And we will love this child unconditionally.  I am deathly afraid and endlessly hopeful.

During my bridal shower, my mother-in-law predicted that we would have our first child on March 27, 2010 (9 months after the wedding) during one of the activities.  We got a positive test on March 25, 2010.  Funny how the world works.

Welcome to our life, little blessing.

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