Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Corrin {Ten Months Old}

This post is several weeks late, but I'm posting it anyway.  She was ten months old on July 4th.

At ten month old, Corrin...

 photo Corrin10Months003.jpg
 photo Corrin10Months006.jpg
 photo Corrin10Months004.jpg

... wears size 9 months or 12 months clothes, and size 3 diapers. 

... is crawling on her hands and knees now.  Before she would slide along on her belly.

 photo Corrin10Months001.jpg
 photo Corrin10Months002.jpg
 photo Corrin10Months005.jpg

... still sleeps with Mikey and I.  We have tried to get her in her own room, but she refuses.  This month, she will go into her own room.  We just have to deal with a few sleepless nights.  We're gearing up for that.

... can climb the stairs.  We do a pretty good job of keeping her off of them, but every once in a while she will follow Micah to them.

 photo Corrin10Months008.jpg
 photo Corrin10Months007.jpg
 photo Corrin10Months009.jpg

... says ma-ma, da-da, and ba-ba.  We really don't know which came first.

... can stand unsupported, but won't.  She cruises along the furniture, and will switch from one chair to the next, or between the chair and coffee table.

 photo Corrin10Months012.jpg
 photo Corrin10Months010.jpg
 photo Corrin10Months011.jpg

... fake laughs.  She does this big, fake laugh whenever she hears someone else laugh.

 ... is called Rin, Rinnie, Rinzie, Rinnie Ry, and Mamacita.

 photo Corrin10Months013.jpg
 photo Corrin10Months014.jpg

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