Sunday, August 4, 2013

Corrin {Eleven Months Old}

  photo Corrin11Months005.jpg
 photo Corrin11Months001.jpg

At eleven months old, Corrin...

... is wearing size 12 month clothes, and size 3 diapers.

... can stand unassisted, but refuses to do so unless distracted.

... is still sleeping in our bed, but will go into her own room before she turns one {next month}.

 photo Corrin11Months004.jpg
 photo Corrin11Months003.jpg

... is learning to play independently.  She still needs for someone to be in her sight, preferably in the same room.

... wants to feed herself. She is weaning very well.

... has a temper.  She hits and bites.  She will hit if you do something to upset her, such as taking things from her or telling her no.

... is called Rin, Rinnie, Rinnie Ry, Mamacita, and Little Miss.

 photo Corrin11Months006.jpg
 photo Corrin11Months002.jpg

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