Friday, March 21, 2014

Fun Times

I’ve been talking about taking the kids to the Georgia Aquarium for a while now. I loved the aquarium experience from the first time I ever went, and wanted to share that with Micah and Corrin.  I think they are just as in love with the aquarium as I am.  Micah ran from tank to tank, dragging his daddy along behind him.  Corrin rode in her stroller at the start of the visit, but by the end she was running around under foot also, pointing out the different things she was seeing.
Corrin’s and my favorite was the otters.  They were very playful, swimming around and chasing each other.  The beluga whale also put on a little show swimming around and brushing the glass.  The whale sharks were HUGE!  I don’t know for sure what Micah’s favorite was, because he was so enraptured with everything. Possibly playing in the touching pools was his favorite activity, or it could have been the fishing boat play area.
There are so many other activities that we want to do as a family.  The adventures continue this summer.

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