Monday, July 12, 2010

19 Weeks

  • How far along?: nineteen weeks
  • What's baby up to?: Vernix caseosa, a greasy white substance made of lanugo, oil and dead skin cells (yum) now coats baby's skin, shielding it from the amniotic fluid. (Picture yourself after a nine-month bath, and the need for protection makes sense.) You might actually get to see the vernix at birth, especially if baby is premature.
  • Weight Gain: I have gained two pounds total; as of last appointment
  • Symptoms: crazy dreams; headaches
  • How big is baby?: about the size of a mango (about 6 inches)
  • Sex: boy!
  • Maternity clothes?: yes
  • Stretch marks?: nope
  • Sleep?: pretty good; gotta go potty at least twice a night now-a-days
  • Best moment this week?: finding out that baby Giles is healthy, and a boy
  • Movement?: yes, usually around 3 am
  • Food cravings?: none
  • Labor signs?: n/a
  • Belly button in or out?: out; it pokes out enough that you can see it through my shirt, if I’m wearing something that fits closely
  • What I miss: not having to wake up multiple times a night to go potty
  • What I'm looking forward to: feeling consistent movement
  • Milestone: finding out the sex of the baby

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