Tuesday, February 1, 2011

3 Turn Ons

10 Things in 10 Days: Day Eight- Three Turn Ons
1. Sense of Humor/Smile: I find a sense of humor that is compatible with my own to be a big turn on.  If nothing else, Mikey and I laugh.  A lot!  I just know that Micah is going to grow up laughing at us.  I am also certain that he's going to get in trouble at school for laughing. His dad did.
2. Smell:  Mikey always usually smells good enough to eat.  At one point, I would wear his cologne because I loved the smell of him so much.  I like a good smelling man.
3. Swagger:  This is hard for me to explain.  Sometimes there's just something about a confident man that is very attractive.  Even if I'm not attracted to someone physically, if they carry themselves with confidence, I notice.

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