Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Micah @ 3 Months

Micah is three months old today. Today marks the end of the "fourth trimester," and I think we did pretty well. I just can’t understand what happened to my little five pound baby. Micah must have eaten him. I know I have mentioned how blessed I am, but it has really hit me that this child belongs to Mikey and I, and we are responsible for molding him into a responsible human being. I love him a little more each day, and that seems impossible because I loved him beyond my imagining before he was even born.

At three months, Micah:

  • Is wearing a size 3-6 month or 6 months in clothes, but is still in the 1-2 diapers. He’ll be transitioning soon to size 3, I’m sure.
  • Still likes to eat. I really need to buy a scale so I can keep up with his weight.  I estimate that he is at least 14 to 15 pounds now.
  • Has recently moved up from 4 ounce bottles to 8 ounce bottles. He usually takes in between 4 and 5 ounces, but can eat up to 6 ounces in one feeding.
  • Is sleeping through the night! Praise the Lord! After his last bottle for the night, he sleeps until I wake him the next morning to go to Granny’s. He has slept up to nine hours, and I woke him to get ready for church then. Go Micah!
  • Loves to talk. He always has something to say, and sometimes talks so much he gets the hiccups.
  • Is very nosy. He always wants to know what’s going on around him.
  • Is learning how to fight sleep. This is a result of being so nosy. He can’t sleep if there’s anything going on around him that might possibly be of some interest. Mikey says he gets this from me.
  • Has good head control.
  • Is trying to sit up. When he is lying in our arms or resting against a pillow, he will pull himself into a sitting position. I have to remind him that he is still a baby, and not a big boy.
  • Found his feet this morning. He was sitting in my lap (supposedly to burp, which he never did). I noticed him staring toward the floor, and thought he was looking at something on the floor. Then he moved his foot. His eyes got really big, and he started kicking his feet and grinning at them. I can’t wait until he gets a little better body control. Though he has kicking down to an art form. His little feet are usually moving a mile a minute.  He has happy feet!
  • Loves baths. He is so calm and happy in the bath, even when he’s getting his hair washed.
  • Is TEETHING!!!! His diapers smell like it too.
  • Is drooling. This is a result of the teething.
  • Can spit his pacifier out really well. It usually goes flying. He lets us know when he doesn’t want it.
  • Sometimes prefers sucking on his hand to his pacifier. I hope he gets over it, and doesn’t become a thumb-sucker.
  • Smiles socially. It is the most wonderful thing when he looks at me, and his face splits into this huge, gummy grin.
  • Likes weird noises. He smiles and kicks when you make noises for him.
  • Looks just like his father. When I was pregnant I asked that Micah have Mikey’s dimples. Well he got everything, but the dimples. Oh well.
  • Is, in general, a great baby.  He is so easy-going and low maintenance.  As long as you feed him and talk to him, he is happy.
  • Goes by the nicknames: Micah Maine, MicahMan, Gus, Toot, and Goat.

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