Friday, April 29, 2011

Home Work

This week, we are working on our house.  Appliances have been purchased and delivered.  They are sitting in the floor wherever they would fit until they can be installed.  Wall are being painted.  The colors we chose are looking nice.  Lots and lots of packing and moving is happening.  My apartment looks a mess.  The house looks like a disaster area.  I'll be so happy when this move is complete and everything is in it's place. 

Packing and moving with an infant is hard work.  Micah mandates that I stop and feed him, or play with him, or put him to sleep quite often.  He's a good baby, but there's only so much he can do to entertain himself.  Though he does a pretty good job when he does entertain himself.

We've had some setbacks with moving.  Like the fact that we had to hire an electrician to come out and replace our meter box.  The power company won't give us electricity without it.  I'm more than a little upset, because the seller was supposed to do this before closing, and had reported that it was complete.  So much for honesty in business.  But overall, things are going relatively well. 

We'll be in our home soon, and this will be a distant memory, but for now I wish it were over and done with.  (I'll post pictures of our "progress" soon.)

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