Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Micah @ 7 Months Old

At seven months, Micah...

... weighs 19.8 pounds, according to our at home scale.  And he feels like it too.

... is still in size 3 diapers, and is mostly in size 12 months clothes though he can still fit in a size 9 month top.

... is a professional sitter, and can almost push himself up to sitting from laying down.

... still has no teeth.

... is pulling up to standing from sitting.

... remains a great sleeper.  He is so nosy though, that his naps aren't what they used to be.

... dances.  It is so funny to see him wiggling to music.  He sometimes hums and dances, and usually he'll dance if I start dancing.

... is able to move forward when on his belly.  It looks like an Army crawl, but he is working on getting up on his knees, and I predict he'll be crawling in no time.

... is eating grits, mashed potatoes, and bread in addition to jar food.

... loves the outdoors.  When he's upset we only have to take him outside for him to calm down.  I have a feeling that it's going to be a tough job keeping him inside in the next year or so.

... acknowledges you when you call his name, though can ignore you like nobody's business when he wants.

... decides if he wants to go from one person to another.  If he wants to go, he'll face you and sometimes leans over to you.  If he doesn't want to go, he turns his face and entire body into the person who is holding him, and laughs hysterically (with some squeals thrown in for good measure).

... blows spit bubbles constantly.

... likes to sleep with his face covered.

... is a rolling machine.  He has realized that he can get closer to you (or an item) faster by rolling.

... will face plant from a sitting position to get to something he wants.

... is fascinated by his shadow.  He often sits and stares at it, and sometimes talks to his shadow.

... loves his toys.  He has a ball, a musical radio, a couple rattles, and a small plushies that he takes turns playing with everyday.

... has monkey feet!  Seriously, he picks things up with his feet.  He holds his ball with his feet while he plays with it.  He holds his bottle with his feet.  He is ambidextrous with his hands and his feet.

... goes by the nicknames Gus-Gus, Chubba-Chub, MicahMan, Maine/Tremaine, and Toulouse.

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