Monday, June 13, 2011

Thirty Weeks Old

My baby is thirty weeks old today, and just shy of seven months old.  Time feels like it has flown.  It hit me the other day that soon I won't be able to contain him easily.  Not that it's easy to contain him now.  He has figured out that he can roll over to get close to what he wants, and he rolls so fast.  I am just biding my time until he figures out how to push himself forward.  I know that in no time, he's going to be crawling around, and soon he'll be cruising, then walking.  I am so proud of him with every milestone that he reaches, but I sure do miss the five pound, fourteen ounce snuggle bunny he used to be.  Now I can't get him to lay his head on my chest unless he's sleeping.  It's true what they say.  Treasure those moments while you have them.

He spent most of his time looking at the birds and passing vehicles.  These are the best that I could get.  And just for kicks, here's Micah laying on his mimi's bed talking to his shadow.

I love the sigh at the end.  It was like he had said so much that he had to take a deep breath.

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