Friday, June 17, 2011

Play Date

In our quest to get Mikey's father's day gift, we ended up in JellyBean's neighborhood.  Back in January, Micah and Jelly had their first playdate.  Since we were in the neighborhood, we stopped in for another.  It was so much fun seeing the boys together now that they can interact with each other.  They each thought the other was hilarious, and would randomly laugh at each other.  I discovered that Micah may be somewhat of a bully.  He would pull poor Jelly over to get closer to him.  I'm looking forward to them toddling around together, though hopefully we'll have more playdates before then.

And for added fun, on the trip home we stopped a few places to pick up some things for one of my friend's baby shower the next day.  Micah and my mom stayed in the car at a couple stops.  In no uncertain terms, Micah let me know that he's ready to be forward-facing in his carseat.  He managed to turn himself completely around.  I have no idea how he did it.
I love that his bib says TROUBLE IS MY MIDDLE NAME!  It just seems fitting for the circumstances.

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