Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Greedy Boy

Micah likes to eat.  Lately, he's decided that he would prefer to eat what we are eating.  Tonight, Mikey was eating a marshmallow.  He decided to let Micah taste it.

That led to Micah fussing when Mikey ate the marshmallow.  We gave him a teething biscuit to appease him.  That led to a very messy Micah.

The mess led to a bath in the kitchen sink.  Micah decided that he needed to bathe the counter tops, the floor, and me as he bathed.  He had a splashing good time.

The night has been quite fun for everyone involved.  I'm calling it a night, and heading to bed.  Hopefully Micah will decide to sleep past 5 am tomorrow morning.

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