Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Just Keep Swimming!

 We went swimming today with our cousins.  Or rather, we went to the pool, and played.  I don't know how to swim, and Micah hasn't learned yet.  None of them really know how to swim either.  The plan was for us to both take swimming lessons this summer.  Hasn't happened, and I doubt it will.  There's always next summer. 

 Micah loves the water.  He is so relaxed, and enjoys splashing.  Yesterday's post should be an indicator of that fact.  Today was Micah's first time in a pool (or any large amount of water).  He did really well, and loved the water. 

Micah was exhausted after he got out of the pool.  He sat in my aunt's lap and stared off into space until he fell asleep. 

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