Thursday, March 6, 2014

Corrin {18 Months Old}

Post will be updated soon with pictures.


Corrin turned 18 months old Tuesday.  She is a little diva tomboy.  At eighteen months old, Corrin...

... weighs 22 pounds, 8 ounces. She is 30.5 inches long. 

... wears size 4 diapers, and size 18 month to 24 month clothes.

... is currently getting all four of her eye teeth at the same time.

... likes to brush her teeth, and will begrudgingly allow her father or I to brush them.

... has started playing with her dolls. She tends to treat them really roughly, but she loves dragging a baby around with her.

... has a decent vocabulary.  She says mama, dada, My (for Micah), cookie, that, baby, belly, nose, eye, ball, cup, hey, bye, mouth, shoe, uh-uh (no), and a few others.

... can identify her eyes, nose, mouth, belly, and sometimes ears.

... loves clothes and shoes. She has been known to throw a small fit because she wanted her shoes put on her feet.

... loves to take pictures, and will smile and say "cheese" if she see a camera. She will also take electronics (camera, phone, anything that looks like it could be a camera) and pretend to take pictures.

... loves to talk on the phone. She has been known to call her mimi on both the landline and cell phones and have conversations before anyone realizes that she's actually talking to someone.

...  eats very well.  Corrin is known as the Pit in our home, because she appears to be bottomless.  She is usually the last one to leave the dinner table.  When she decides that she is ready to eat, she will drag her highchair away from the table, and climb up.

...  is the resident climber and dare-devil.  She's always running, jumping or climbing.

... has a silly sense of humor.  She finds the silliest things funny.  Sometimes I think she thinks her brother is a clown.  If no one else can get her to laugh, Micah can make her laugh.

...  can feed herself relatively well with a spoon. Of course, she still makes a mess, but usually more food ends up in her mouth than on the floor.

... sings along with music.  You can't understand any of the words, but she makes the general sound.

... is called Rin, Rinnie, Rinna, Mamacita, Little Miss, and Boss Lady.

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