Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Micah's Eyes

Micah was born with a clogged tear duct.  It wasn’t anything painful or troublesome.  Usually it just caused his eyes to fill with water and spill over.  At roughly eleven months old, he had an out-patient procedure done to remove the blockage from his duct.  He left good as new, if a little cranky.  During that time he was seen by a pediatric eye doctor, who recommended that his vision be tested at around age three.  Well guess who is three years old? Did you guess Micah?  Give yourself a cookie! You’re right!
About a month ago we took Micah to have his vision exam.  He did not do well.  He refused to verbalize to the doctor what the shapes were, choosing to gesture instead of talk.  He was fidgety, and just a little uncooperative.  We didn’t hold it against him, because he’s three after all.  The doctor suggested that we bring him back at another time. She gave us a prescription for drops to dilate his eyes and a copy of the shapes to practice with him. 

A couple weeks later, we had rescheduled his appointment, practiced the shapes, and administered the drops.  Micah hated the drops and reminded us for several days after his appointment that he didn’t need those drops. When he and I arrived at his appointment, I reminded him that he had to use his words and do everything that the doctor asked him.  While he was still a little fidgety, he did much better, and we found out that he got his vision from his dad, which means it’s not the best.
So Micah’s got new eyes.  He actually got two pairs of new eyes.  He does really well with keeping them on. I think that’s mostly because Mikey wears glasses, and what little boy doesn’t want to be like his daddy?  Of course, he has moments when he doesn’t want to wear them.  In those cases, we let him have a short break, but then he has to put them back on.  He has adjusted really well to wearing glasses.  Much better than I have adjusted.

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