Monday, April 19, 2010

Doctor Visit #2

I had a doctor's appointment today.  Baby Chunky is growing!  We saw the baby's heart flickering, and heard the heartbeat.  From what I have read, just seeing/hearing the baby's heartbeat reduces the chance of a miscarriage to about 2%.

After the appointment we headed over to David's Bridal to order my dress for Jeremy and Lavita's wedding, which is August 28.  By then, I will be 25 weeks, 3 days pregnant, or roughly 6 months pregnant.  In the store, they have a "pregnancy pillow" to simulate how women typically look at 7 months pregnant.  It was pretty funny, but I enjoyed having a visual of how I could possibly look at that point in this journey.

Taken with my BlackBerry

And I bought another book on pregnancy.  I think this will be my last.  So far I have:

The Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy

The Mocha Manual to a Fabulous Pregnancy

Consumer Reports Best Baby Products

Your Pregnancy Week by Week.

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