Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter Day

Happy Easter Day!

Tomorrow morning, I go in for my first prenatal appointment. It won't be anything big. According to the nurse, I will just be having bloodwork, and finding out the due date since I just had my annual exam. So I will be back tomorrow with the official due date. By my estimate it should be either November 27 or December 2. And according to the second test I took, I'm still pregnant.

In other baby-related news. We told my great-grandmother today. At first she didn't really understand that I told her we were having a baby. Her responses was," Yup! You're having two!" I'm sure the expressions on both Mikey's and my faces were priceless. With several people already telling us we should have twins, hearing from your 94 year old great-grandmother in such a matter of fact way is more than a little un-nerving. She then explained that she had "dreamed" that we were going to have two babies, but not necessarily at the same time. She finally realized that we're really having a baby now, and she was happy. She's been asking me to have "just one for her" since the wedding in June. Nine months later, and we're working on it.

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