Monday, August 23, 2010

25 Weeks

  • How far along?: twenty-five weeks
  • What's baby up to?: Let your spouse put an ear to your belly -- he might be able to pick up baby's heartbeat (no stethoscope required). Inside the womb, the formation of tiny capillaries is giving baby a healthy pink glow. Baby's also soaking up your antibodies, getting the immune system ready for life outside the womb. Eyes are forming, and baby will soon perfect the blink -- perfect for batting those freshly grown lashes.
  • Weight Gain: I have gained seven pounds total; as of my last appointment
  • Symptoms: baby bump; back pain; insomnia
  • How big is baby?: about the size of a eggplant (about 13.6 to 14.8 inches)
  • Sex: boy!
  • Maternity clothes?: yes
  • Stretch marks?: nope, and I’m working to avoid them, even though I know there is no way to avoid them if I am meant to have them
  • Sleep?: not so good anymore; I am having trouble getting comfortable, and still gotta go potty during the night
  • Best moment this week?: watching my younger brother graduate with his master’s degree as a physician’s assistant
  • Movement?: yes
  • Food cravings?: none
  • Labor signs?: none
  • Belly button in or out?: out; it pokes out enough that you can see it through my shirt, if I’m wearing something that fits closely
  • What I miss: sitting for extended periods without pain, sleeping comfortably
  • What I'm looking forward to: getting my new pregnancy pillow in the mail, so hopefully I’ll be able to sleep better; cooler weather and shopping for new clothes.


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