Friday, August 20, 2010

Letters to My Son: 24 Weeks

Dear Micah,

Today we watched Uncle Monkey march across the stage to accept his diploma and white coat, and officially mark the end of his journey to become a physician’s assistant. We are so proud of him. You, my little man, can be anything you wish to be.

I love feeling you rolling around in there, even when it gets a little uncomfortable for me. You are quite the acrobat. It’s still hot and humid out here, and that doesn’t help mommy to be comfortable. Things are starting to come together, as we prepare for you to make your debut as an outside baby. I realize that before we know it, you’ll be here, and we’ll be working overtime to make sure you’re taken care of and loved. Just stay put until it’s time for you to come.

I love you little man.

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