Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Few Thoughts On Parenting

Beware:  This is a post with no pictures.

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, I have been thinking a lot about parenting.  More specifically, I have been thinking about parenting a boy whose father has such tales from his growing up years.  Then I read this blog post, and it’s like she read my mind.  Sarah very eloquently said what I was thinking.

I work with children, and often I see children and teenagers who feel that they are entitled to everything that they desire, plus more.  I have also seen parents who refuse to allow their children to take responsibility for anything.  It is disheartening to imagine the heart ache that some children will have to face, because they weren't taught that you can not always have your way, and sometimes you have to admit that you are wrong and accept the consequences for your actions.  Off that soapbox, and onward.

I think that the reason that Sarah's post made such an impact on me, (besides her saying what I was thinking) is that a small part of me fears that I could become that parent.  You know the saying "Never say never?"  Well the judgmental Tasha has said never quite a few times in the past.  Logically, I know that I cannot always control the behavior of my child.  I know that he will embarrass me in public at some point with a temper tantrum.  I know that he will probably say something to make me look like the worst parent on the face of the earth in the future.  I also know that there will be someone who witnesses one of these moments who will judge me.  And I may be embarrassed or frustrated, but I will attempt to correct the behavior, and move on.  I want to be one of those parents who takes responsibility for the raising of my little boy into a great man.  Micah will grow up knowing that he is not my friend.  I am his parent. i want him to know that he can tell Mikey and I anything, and that we will always support him.  I also want him to know that sometimes we will make decisions that he does not like, but it will be with his best interest at heart.   Hopefully, he will appreciate the difference.

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