Tuesday, May 24, 2011

New Tricks

Micah has learned a new trick. He spent today and yesterday blowing bubbles.  I caught him on video this afternoon.  He has also learned how to fight sleep very well.  I learned this last night when he kept me awake for quite a few hours past my bedtime. 

Here's another new thing. He bites his bottom lip.

His days are spent practicing.  He practices sitting unsupported.  He practices rolling over.  He also practices creeping, though it's more of an army crawl since he hasn't quite gotten up on to his knees yet.  He's good at going backwards, but he's working on forward motion.  This is such a fun age, and I'm looking forward to what's new with Micah everyday when I get home from work.  I'm really looking forward to summer break, so that I can spend more time with him.  Just a few more weeks.  Until next time...

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