Thursday, May 12, 2011

New Toys!

We got new kitchen appliances, and for a week or so they have sat in the middle of the floor waiting to be installed. What can we say?  Actually the reason they sat waiting is we had to wait to have our utilities connected to install them.  The water company took their sweet time, and made a few mistakes.  Nothing a couple phone calls couldn't fix.  The electric company refused to do anything until the meter box was replaced by a licensed electrician.  Unexpected money out of our pockets, but it was done, and finally we had light.  The gas company wouldn't connect us until we had electricity, but finally the trifecta is complete.  And in a few short days, we will have telephone service, internet, and cable as well. 

The cabinets also got a couple coats of white paint.  It’s nice that the cabinet doors, cabinets, and trim are now all the same shade of white.  Before the cabinets were painted, there were three different shades of white and off-white.  It was not attractive.  All together, I am happy with the progress made.  Now to finish up the other major things we want to get done in the house before I get to decorate.

In addition to the kitchen appliances, we also got a washer and dryer!  And a pedestal built to place them on.  I couldn't stomach paying close to $500 for the pedestals that are sold in store.  Especially not when less than $50 purchased the material for my uncle to build a pedestal for us. 
All of our appliances are Maytag.  We did not go shopping with the intention of only having Maytag appliances.  That's just how it happened.  We had seen the washer and dryer before we actually purchased them.  They were priced well within our price range at that time.  We just weren't ready to buy them then.  When we finally made it back to purchase them, they were advertised at a higher price.  I was sad, but we knew we needed a washer and dryer so we decided to look anyway.  Imagine our surprised when we got to the washers and dryers and saw that they were still marked at the lower price. No time was wasted in completing that sale.

That is not all the newness that we have purchased, but that's all for now.

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