Monday, September 5, 2011

These Feet Were Made For Walking!

Micah has been showing signs of being ready to walk for quite some time.  He balances on his hands and feet. He will take steps when you are holding his hands.  He will stand unsupported for a few seconds, before falling when he realizes that nothing or no one is holding him up.  I am almost certain he will be an early walker.  Recently, his grandfathers, Mikey's (step)dad, bought him a walker.  I put him in tonight for the very first time, and he took off.

Micah is the first baby that I have every seen who went forward first instead of backward. He likes the walker.  Usually he will only stay in his jumper for about 15 minutes max.  He's been in his walker for nearly that long, and shows none of the typical signs that he's ready to get out.  I think his walker is going to be my favorite of his toys.

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