Friday, December 17, 2010

I Miss My Belly

I was thinking.  I know!  Me thinking can be a dangerous thing.  Seriously, though, I was thinking about how fast Micah is growing, and it made me miss being pregnant.  Not the unpleasant things about pregnancy like the nausea/morning sickness, the constant backaches, the itchy skin across my belly, and the swollen ankles.  I most assuredly do not miss those things.  I am talking about my cute baby bump sticking out in front.  I admit it.  My name is Tasha, and I miss my pregnant belly.  I also miss feeling him moving around inside that belly.  I was so busy wishing for him to come so I could hold him in my arms, and now I wish he was still a little smaller or even back in my belly.  So in honor of the belly that I miss, here is that belly as it grows.

9 weeks

12 weeks

15 weeks

16 weeks

21 weeks

22 weeks, 3 days

22 weeks, 5 days

25 weeks, 6 days

26 weeks, 6 days

28 weeks, 6 days

32 weeks

33 weeks 
34 weeks 
35 weeks 
35 weeks, 6 days 
36 weeks, 3 days

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