Thursday, December 9, 2010

Our Day Out

So today, Micah and I went to my doctor's office to have them complete some paperwork.  I was told on the phone by the evil front desk lady that I would have to come in a pay $25 fee to have them fill in a couple lines and have the doctor sign off on it.  And according to her, this fee needed to be paid before they would complete anything on the form.  This is the front desk lady that I have had words with a couple times.  Needless to say, I don't like her.  So I get up this morning and drive an hour to the doctor's office, and hand over the paperwork.  The nice front desk lady asks me a couple questions, finds my file, and completes the paperwork.  She then hands them to me and wishes me a good day.  So why did I drive an hour to have paperwork completed again?  Because of the stupid evil front desk lady with her nasty attitude.  I like my doctors, but some of their staff leave much to be desired.

Then we went to the mall to do a little shopping.  I bought Micah's Christmas outfit and a new battery for my Nook.  On my way out of the mall, I met two old ladies who were walking toward me.  They were leaning against each of like they were holding each other up. They wanted to see Micah.  He was in his carrier and covered up.  I stopped, and peeled back the blanket just enough for them to peek at him.  They told me how precious he was, and then asked me why I was out when I had a baby so young.  I laughed and kept moving.  They were cute.

Speaking of cute:

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