Wednesday, December 15, 2010

One Month Old

My son is one month old today.  The time is flying.  I look at him, and I am utterly enchanted with this beautiful, perfect child that I have helped to create and carried inside me under my heart.  It brings tears to my eyes and cause shivers down my spine.  I am in complete disbelief that he is mine.  I am also completely and irrevocably in love with him.

At one month old, he doesn't hate baths and diaper changes quite so much.  He still dislikes them, but it's getting better.  He is eating more in one feeding, and getting noticeably heavier.  He is also finding his voice.  It's hilarious to see the startled look on his face when he lets out a sound.  It the same look he gets when he has the hiccups.  He looks like he's wondering what is going on, and why is it happening to him.  He really looks like he just does not understand what is going on.  And he grunts.  It is the cutest thing.

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