Friday, October 21, 2011

Micah's Got Mail!

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Micah got a package in the mail from his MiMi.  He did some investigating before he allowed me to open it.
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He is not showing much interest in walking.  He occasionally will walk behind his walker, and he cruises the furniture.  He will not stand alone, and his in no way attempting to take steps alone.  As a matter of fact, he must be holding on to you with both hands to take steps.  The baby that I just knew would be an early walker just doesn't look like he's interested in walking at all.  And the kicker is that he is on the floor all the time.  We typically only carry him up and down the stairs, and sometimes he climbs the stairs on his own.  Oh well.  In his own time.
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Unfortunately, the shoes don't fit Micah's fat feet, so they have to be returned.


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