Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sippy Cup Success!

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Micah has really taken to his sippy cup.  So much so, that his bottles have all mysteriously disappeared.  The kicker is that the sippy cup that he finally accepted are the very first sippy cups that I bought and offered to him.  I've tried two other types since then, and finally tried these again.  I refused to buy anymore, feeling like I was wasting money.  I'm glad I followed my instinct.  In addition to his bottles disappearing, his pacifiers have gone missing as well.  He never was one to suck a pacifier as a soother.  He preferred his fingers, if anything at all.  I worried about him becoming a thumb sucker for a while there.  Thankfully, he did not. I feel like my baby is getting to be a big boy.  Soon he'll be toddling around, and I'm not even close to ready for that.  I realized today that Micah can squat standing on both feet, without holding on to anything.  But he still refuses to even try to stand alone without holding on to something with both hands when he's playing attention.  He sometimes stands without holding on when he's playing with the toys on his bouncer, but only when he's concentrating on what he's doing. If he's not concentrating on something else, he always refuses to try to stand alone.  He also is learning to steer his walker, which he prefers to push around than to ride in it.  A part of me wishes that he would just go ahead and let go.  Most of me wants him to stay a baby as long as possible.  I know that's not possible, but he's growing up absolutely too fast. 

With Micah growing so fast, I'm looking forward to all of the new additions in the making in our family.  Not our own!  My sister, Auntie Angel, is having her first child, a baby boy.  Mimi only has grandsons so far.  We’re expecting him at the end of January, but he’s been acting up.  We’ve already sent him a message to behave himself.  He knows that he’s supposed to stay put until it’s time for him to come.  Hopefully, he listens.  Mikey’s aunt is also expecting twins soon, and we can’t wait to meet them.  Congratulations to the expecting mommies!  We can’t wait!

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