Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Micah's 1st Doctor's Visit

Prepared to go to the doctor.
Micah went to the doctor today for the very first time.  We waited over an hour after his appointment time to be called into the back.  There were a lot of cutie pies in the waiting room, and one little girl in particular made friends with anyone who looked her way, and a few who weren't looking.  She walked right up to me, and climbed into my lap.  Micah slept through the wait, and I am grateful for that.  There was also another little girl in the waiting room who reminded me of Camille.  She was all smiles, and babbling to herself and anyone who smiled in her direction.

Micah's doctor is very popular, and most of the waiting room was waiting to see him.  And the only reason we were called when we were is because several patients left before they were called.  Once we were in the back, the nurse weighed Micah and got his length and head circumference. The doctor, who is awesome, finally came in, and answered all my questions very succinctly.  He then checked Micah out, and pronounced him well.  Less than ten minutes after he came in, the doctor was on to the next patient.  Then we changed Micah's diaper, redressed him, and checked out.  Micah gained weight, almost a whole pound.  He is up to six pounds, ten ounces.  He also grew 3/4 of an inch.  Everything else is right on schedule.

I apologize that there are no pictures from the doctor's visit.  It was kind of hectic.

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