Tuesday, May 8, 2012

20 Weeks

At 20 weeks gestation...

... we're at the half way point in the pregnancy!

...  I had the flu last week. :(  (Otherwise, I would have posted a 19 week post.)  What a horrible time to catch the flu!  I hated being sick.  I hated that I couldn't be around Micah the way I wanted, and that he didn't understand why he couldn't crawl into bed with his mommy. 

... I had doctor's appointment last week also.  We had our initial anatomy scan.  There were some concerns that were confirmed at this week's scan.  She is growing appropriately, but she has a two vessel umbilical cord, instead of a three vessel cord.  Her umbilical cord has one vein and one artery, and it should have two veins and one artery.  The major concern is that her growth may be affected later in the pregnancy.  Right now, the plan is to monitor her growth closely beginning at 32 weeks.

... I find that summer dresses are the most comfortable.  It's getting really hot in the south, and dresses are cool and comfortable. 

... I had a dizzy spell this weekend.  It was a result of going from laying down, to picking up toys from the floor, to climbing the stairs. 

... Mikey and I are debating names right now.  Choosing a name is hard work.

... my belly measures 32.5 inches.  I managed to forget to weigh myself.




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