Monday, May 14, 2012

21 Weeks

At 21 weeks gestation...

... I realized that I haven't bought anything for baby girl yet.  It's weird because at this point, with Micah I was shopping up a storm.  We had bought the crib by now, and the bedding.  I was in the process of registering.  For Baby Girl, I haven't even bought her one outfit.  I already feel like I did more for Micah.  

... I also realized that I wrote letters to Micah every week.  I have to start letters to my daughter also. 

... I am exhausted.  I either can't sleep or I sleep restlessly.  Good night's rest come few and far between.  I have to figure something out, because I need my rest.

...  I've had a few episodes of vertigo.  Feeling dizzy even when sitting or laying down is a horrible feeling.  Its usually the result of changing positions too quickly.  I've also learned that can't sleep all weekend.  I can't lay around all weekend, and I have to move around more, or I have severe vertigo on Monday morning when it's time for work. 

... I'm moving slowly and having shortness of breath.  I'm sure it's because I'm not in shape at all. I  wasn't in shape at the start of this pregnancy, and I haven't done much to get into shape.  I need to start walking.  I also plan to establish a workout routine after I've had her, and healed up.  

...  we're still debating on what Baby Girl's name is going to be.  We've basically decided what her name will be.  We just have to decide which order the name is going to be in. I like one name for the first name, and Mikey likes the other.  When we decide, I'll let you know, of course. 

... I get kicked all the time now.  She's much more active now.  She's also establishing her schedule.  It looks like she's going to be a night owl like Micah was.

... I've been craving sweets, chocolate in particular, lately.  I try to only eat sweets in moderation, and I happy to say that I haven't felt badly after satisfying a craving. 

... measured at xx inches around, and weighed in at 119 pounds.




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