Wednesday, May 30, 2012

23 Week Update

At 23 weeks gestation...

... I had a bout with vertigo.  I found out from my mom that she had vertigo when she was pregnant with me, and that salt and ginger helped her to feel better.  I had a hot dog and french fries, and the vertigo went away.  Hopefully, this knowledge will help me to avoid feeling so bad.

... I had some swelling.  No elephant legs, but I noticed that my ankles were a little swollen.  I drank plenty of fluids and tried to keep my feet elevated while sitting at my desk.  The swelling went away as quickly as it appeared.

... Baby girl has been much more active, and I feel her movement more strongly.

... still feeling the urge to nest.

...  still exhausted.  My rest is restless at best.

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