Monday, May 21, 2012

22 Weeks Update

At 22 weeks gestation...

... I feel pretty good most days.  I still have some days when vertigo gets the best of me, but for the most part, I feel great.

... I got to meet one of my friend's baby girl.  She was born the Saturday before Mother's Day.  My baby girl already has a friend, and she's not even here yet.

... My mom surprised me, and came to visit.  Micah and I were pretty excited to see her, and we really didn't want to see her go.

... I get kicked quite often by Baby Girl.  She's obviously growing, and getting stronger every day.  Her kicks are much more powerful.  She kicked me hard enough to bend me over today.

... We've chosen a name.  I'll make a post just for that announcement.

... Micah loves my belly.  He will lift up my shirt, and rub my belly.  He's realizing that some things are changing, but I'm sure that he doesn't realize how much his world is going to change in September.

... I am sleeping horribly.  My sleep is so restless, that I wake up more tired than I was when I went to bed.  And I hate having to get up in the night to use the restroom.  I really wish I could get better rest.  The worst part about it, though, is knowing that it's going to get so much worse before it gets any better.

... I think I'm starting to nest.  I am wanting to make changes around the house. I have visions of the way I want certain rooms to look.  Now if I could just win the lottery so I could actually afford to do everything that I would like.

... weighed in at 121.4 pounds and my belly measured at 33.5 inches around.

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