Saturday, May 19, 2012

Micah @ 18 Months

I'm so in love with this little face.

Micah has grown so much in the past couple months.  He seems like such a big boy now.  At 18 months old, Micah...

...weighs 25 pounds, and is 32.5 inches tall.  He's tall and lean.

... wears 24 month/2T clothes, size 4 diapers, and size 6 wide shoes. He can still fit into some of his 18 months clothes too.

... is running, and jumping, and climbing.  He loves to climb the stairs, and usually sneaks off to try to get up the stairs.  Whenever he hears me coming behind him to get him before he makes it up the stairs, he takes off running.  He also runs when I try to get to him before he gets to his daddy.  He's getting faster every day.  His video on Wednesday shows what a great climber he is.  I really don't know what I'm going to do with him.

... has a mouth full of teeth.  He's only missing his two year old molars now.


... sleeps pretty well.  He has nights when he wakes up during the night, but for the most part, he sleeps through the night and in his own bed.

... is a wonderful eater.  He loves everything.  The only problem that I have is that he wants too much carbs. Sometimes he will cry and whine for plain bread.  We have to work on that.

... loves being outdoors.  Most times, we have to trick him into the house, or just pick him up and bring him inside.  It's never an easy transition.  He's finally accepted that he has to walk on the grass too.


...  is going through a phase where he has to help with everything.  He helps with the laundry, though most times we don't want his help.  It usually involves unfolding the laundry.  He helps with the dishes, and he's ready good about cleaning up his toys.  The problem is that when he's done cleaning his toys, he dumps them out so he can start again.  Not a very productive way to work.

... has awesome fine motor skills.  He can hold a pencil in a pincer grasp, which is the way you are expected to hold the pencil to write.  He stacks blocks well.  The only thing we haven't tried is stringing beads, and I'm almost certain he can do that also.


... is a clown.  He makes funny noises, and sings and dances.  He's always putting on a show.  He loves to laugh, and it shows.

... throws small temper tantrums if he doesn't get his way.  Usually he screams/cries and throws himself onto the floor.  We are working to correct this behavior.


... has a list of words that he says regularly.  He obviously knows a lot more words than he can say.  He can also say a lot more words than he does.  He stubbornly refuses to even attempt to form some words.  His words include hot, bye, hi, sit, dada, mama, up, thank you, clean up, oh oh, huh, see, ready, set, go, three, six, nine, ten, ouch.  He also will correct you sometimes. He corrects me if I say ow instead of ouch.

... is showing signs of being ready to potty train.  He knows to lay down when we pull out a diaper to change him.  He also has taken off his diaper when it was wet.  Luckily I became aware that he was bare bottomed before he wet the floor.  We have a potty.  Now we need training pants and a free weekend, and we're going to start potty training.


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