Monday, May 7, 2012

It's A... {Gender Reveal}


We had our anatomy scan last week, and another today.  Baby Giles # 2 was  cooperative. We got to see all the baby's body parts.  The baby looked great.  All the body parts and organs are growing and developing appropriately.  There was a possible problem with the umbilical cord at the initial ultrasound, which is why we had the second ultrasound.  They confirmed that the baby does have a two vessel umbilical cord with one artery and one vein.  The umbilical cord should have three vessels, one vein and two arteries.  According to the doctor that I saw last week and today, there is little cause for concern.  They said that a two vessel cord happens more often than we think.  It is a soft marker for genetic abnormalities, but all testing that I have had so far has come back normal.  We talked about how it could affect the baby.  Basically what they told me is that it could affect the baby's growth later in the pregnancy.  Right now, the plan is to have a biophysical profile weekly starting at 32 weeks gestation.  I'm sure you ready to know whether Baby Giles is a boy or a girl, so...


Baby Giles #2 is a GIRL!

Mikey was right again.  Now to find a name for baby girl.  That's harder than we thought it would be.

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