Sunday, June 3, 2012

24 Weeks Pregnancy Vlog

At 24 weeks gestation...

... we have reached the point of viability.  At this point, Baby Girl has roughly a 50% chance of survival if she is born.  Of course, the longer she stays put, the better her chances of survival become.  

... this week has been marked by several issues for me.  I've been exhausted.  Mostly, because the end of the month is very busy at work, and I haven't been able to sleep well.  Sometimes I haven't been able to sleep at all.  My sleep is usually restless when I do sleep.  I wake up several times during the night.  I also have some crazy dreams that wake me up.  I just wish I could sleep better during the night, especially since I can't take naps during the day.

...  in other news, I've developed a severe itch.   It started sometime during the week with just my legs {from the knees and down} itching.  Friday night after I had gone to bed my entire body started itching: arms, legs, belly, back, underarms, throat, chin, face, and even my ears.  It's the worst at my joints.  Speaking of joints, they are warmer than the rest of my body.  At first, it was just the itchiness, but now I've also developed hives. The hives come and go.  They are usually on the inside of the joints that itch the worse at that moment.  I've been scratching, taking extra showers and bathes, applying lotion to my body repeatedly, and I finally broke down and tried Benadryl.  Nothing works very well, or for very long.  I itch so badly sometimes that it feels like my skin is burning.  I have found that if I'm distracted by something else that I'm doing, I can sometimes ignore the itchiness.  It doesn't go away, but I can ignore it.  I will be asking the doctor about this at my next appointment, which is coming up on Tuesday.


... I nearly fainted yesterday.  I was so close that my vision had shrunk to blackness.  It's really my own fault.  I waited too long to eat, because I was so busy cleaning and getting ready for a bridal shower that was held at my home for one of my church member's.  I ended up disappearing into a bedroom, where I slept through a good portion of the shower.  I feel horrible that I missed most of the shower, but I would have felt so much worse if I had fainted.  That probably would have ended the whole event.  I also wasn't the hostess.  I only provided the venue.

...  we're feeling lots of movement from Baby Girl.  She gives me some big kicks and somersaults.  She has also started balling herself up in one spot for naps.  That of course is not comfortable for me.  I told someone that it feels like bones rubbing my muscles from the inside.  

... still in nesting mode.  I really wish I could win the lottery, so that I could actually make the changes that I want to make in my home.

...  we've started walking daily.  I'm trying to build some stamina as I go through the pregnancy.  Being pregnant is tiring enough when you are in shape.  It's even more so when you're out of shape.

...  we really have given Baby Girl a name.  It took some back and forth debating between Mikey and I, but she does have a name.  The debate now is the spelling of her name.  Watch the video to hear the pronunciation. 



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