Sunday, July 29, 2012

32 Week Update

At 32 weeks gestation...

... I have been so exhausted.  I can't sleep comfortably.  I have constant back pain, and lately leg cramps.  I am away from home at least 12 hours every day except Tuesdays for work.  Tuesdays, I have my weekly doctor appointments, so I get to go home and rest. When I do get home, I am playing with Micah, cleaning, and or finding something to eat.

... I have been wrestling with indigestion too.  I had several days of almost constant indigestion.  It feels like my food is sitting like a rock in my throat.  

... I've been under some stress this past week.  Any given thing that's stressing me wouldn't bother me as much if it was the only thing stressing me.  The problem is the combination of stressors.

... my body has developed a disturbing reaction to the constant pain.  Whenever the pain spikes, I start to feel overheated and nearly faint.  I try to avoid being a situations where the pain will spike, by working to maintain some control over the pain with a combination of medication, back support, and heat.  None of these things get rid of the pain completely, but they do help ease the pain.

... my doctor has told me to try Tylenol PM to help deal with the insomnia.  I haven't made it to the store to get any yet, but I think I'm headed there soon.

... I've been an emotional mess.  I despise women who use the excuse of pregnancy to be raging beasts.  I felt like a raging beast this week.  I have experienced the gamut of negative emotions.  I have gone into rages over the simplest of things.  I have fallen into tears at the slightest of insults.  I have found myself irrationally afraid of things that are nowhere near likely to occur.  The worst part of it is I was aware that my emotions were blown completely out of proportion, but there was nothing that I could do to stop myself.

... TMI >>  I have had diarrhea this week. Nothing that I want to think about.  <<  Highlight to read.

... the braxton hicks are coming more frequently.  I've also had some cramping this week.  The doctor told me that it's normal at this stage to have cramping.  It's likely my body preparing for labor.

... I was still unable to schedule my cesarean section at my latest appointment. The doctors' schedule hasn't been finalized yet.  Corrin however, passed her biophysical profile with 8 of 8.

... Corrin has been having the hiccups.  

... weighed in at 129.2 pounds, and measured 36 inches around.




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