Sunday, August 26, 2012

36 Weeks Update

At 36 weeks gestation...

... I fell this week.  Read all about it here.

...  Corrin passed her biophysical profile with a score of 8 out of 8.

... I am getting braxton-hicks contractions much more frequently than I was before.  Some times they take my breath away.  Some times I have to stop whatever I'm doing to breath through them.  Most times I don't even realize they are happening until they're nearly gone.

... Corrin is a little acrobat.  She's always in there flipping, rolling, and moving.  My coworkers get a kick out of seeing her rolling around in there.  It's not always the most comfortable thing for me, especially when her movements cause the muscles in my legs to pull and throw me off balance.

... most of my shirts are too small.  Even the maternity shirts are mostly too short.  I have a handful of shirts that I can still wear without having to tug on them all day to keep my belly covered.  This didn't happen with Micah.  I hope I'm not growing a sumo wrestler.

35 weeks, 6 days

And for comparison, my belly with Micah. Excuse the horrible picture.

35 weeks, 6 days
My current view @ 36 weeks

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