Sunday, August 5, 2012

33 Weeks Update

At 33 weeks gestation...

... I have finally figured out a way to sleep comfortably.  I place a pillow under my head, belly, and knees.

... I still have indigestion.  It's not as bad as it was last week, but it's still not comfortable.

... the braxton hicks are coming more frequently and stronger.  I'm still having some cramping this week.  I have also developed the wonderful pulling of the ligaments in my groin.

... I was still unable to schedule my cesarean section at my latest appointment. This week I wasn't able to schedule, because the doctor who I have been seeing most frequently recently has retired.  He neglected to update my records appropriately (or the person scheduling didn't look well enough).  Either way the doctor whose opinion she asked regarding when to schedule my cesarean wasn't comfortable with scheduling so early.  The remaining doctors in the practice are meeting Monday to discuss my case, and I should be able to schedule at my next appointment.  Corrin however, passed her biophysical profile with 8 of 8.

... weighed in at 131.2 pounds.

Here are some pictures I took on Wednesday at 32 weeks, 3 days.





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