Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Another First

Micah has had his first official bloodletting.  Really, he had a run-in with a piece of furniture.  The piece of furniture won.  I recently rearranged our family room furniture to make it easier for him to cruise the furniture, and hopefully, encourage him to gather up the courage to take steps independently.  I think that he was attempting to transition from the couch to the coffee table when he lost his balance and fell head first into the coffee table.  He cried loudly.  I comforted him.  Mikey fetched his sippy cup.  Then I noticed that he had a small cut on his eyelid.  I did some doctoring, and slapped a band-aid on it.  He was right as rain not too long after that.  Still a little fussy, but doing okay.  Then he went to bed.  Today, you would never know that anything happened except for the band-aid on his eye.

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