Tuesday, November 15, 2011

He's One!

My baby is a one year old.  {Cue this mommy's ugly cry!}  I can't believe that Micah has grown from this sweet little baby, born at 37 weeks gestation...

... to this handsome toddler...


He has grown and changed so much.  When he was first born, I couldn't imagine what he would look like as a toddler.  Throughout this year, his looks have changed so often.  He start off looking just like Mikey.  On occasion, I would catch glimpses of Mikey's mom in his face.  Then when his hair got longer, he looked more like Mikey's dad.  Now I can finally see myself in his face.  It is truly amazing to watch him grow, learn, and change.  He has learned so much in this year.  Check out Micah's monthly pictures.



At one year old, Micah...

... goes to the doctor Thursday.  I will update with his weight and height then. UPDATE: Micah weighs 22 pounds, 9 ounces.  He is 30 inches tall.

... is still wearing size 3 diapers, and size 12-18 month clothes.

... is still mostly crawling.  On occasion he will stand unsupported, but that's about it. There is no walking or even taking steps.  I guess all of that will come in his own time.

... says mama, dada, baba, yay and hi.  I'm not really sure how much he associated baba with his bottle, but I'm pretty sure he knows who mama and dada are.  He also says "yay" when he is clapping, and "hi" when he waves.  We are actively labeling items for him, so hopefully he'll be picking up more words soon.

... loves his Chicka Chicka Boom Boom book. He will go sometimes and get it when I sing the alphabet to him.

... has 6 teeth.  He's also teething right now.  He has another top tooth coming in.  He's been chewing on his fingers, drooling a lot, and a little cranky. 

...  has been an awesome sleeper.  He recently started sleeping through the night.  There have been a couple bad nights in there when he woke up in the middle of the night and decided he wasn't going back to sleep for a couple of hours.  But any such incidents in the past few weeks have been more rare than I have made it seem.  Pray for us that the good sleep vibe continues.

... takes one nap a day.  It is usually an awesome nap lasting anywhere from two to four hours. I've found that he sleeps best in his own bed.  He also takes good naps in the car, but those are cut short when it's time to take him out of the car seat. 

...  loves to eat.  He loves cheerios.  He mostly eats whatever we're eating with some purees thrown in too.  We're going to introduce dairy to his diet after his appointment Thursday.  We have already introduced eggs during the cruise, and he loves them.  We held off on those based on his pediatrician's recommendation.

... is unfortunately back to bottles.  Micah was taking a sippy cup at 11 months, but we realized that it was causing him to have gas, and therefore ruining sleep for anybody.  So we switched back to the bottle.  But no more pacifier.  We tried the sippy cup again during the cruise because I forgot his drop-ins for his bottles.  He did really well.  For now we are going to stick to bottles only at bedtime if necessary, but he's back to his sippy cup.  Yay!

... caught his first cold earlier this month.  It didn't treat him too bad.  He mostly had a runny nose, and a little trouble breathing at night the first night.  He wasn't cranky at all.

... started throwing tantrums.  We're still dealing with them.

... is a very good climber.  Of course, he can climb the stairs.  He also has mastered climbing onto the coffee table and couch using mommy or daddy as a step stool.  But he also makes a habit of climbing onto small things, like the ledge around his walker.

...  started clapping and waving in one week.  He started off waving.  One day, he crawled around the couch and stopped.  I waved at him, and said, "Hi!"  He threw his hand up and waved back.  This continued for about ten minutes.  Then randomly throughout the day, he would wave to me, and I would wave back.  Later that night, Mikey, Micah, and I were laying in bed together.  The television was on, and Barack Obama came onto the screen and waved.  Micah waved back.  Two days later, I was clapping my hands while singing a nursery rhyme to Micah.  He just lifted his hands and started clapping.  It was as simple as that.  He's been waving and clapping since then.  He says "Hi!" when he waves, and "Yay!" when he claps.

...  went on his first trip out of the country.  It was also his first cruise.  We went on a five day, four night cruise to Cozumel, Mexico.  Fun was had by all.

... goes by the nicknames Gus-Gus, Micah Maine, Scoot, and Sugar Bear.


Happy First Birthday, Micah Tremaine!!

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